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So on another blog My Home- My Life was talking about the Halloween decorations that drive her crazy and I was telling her about my mom’s neighbor who goes crazy every year with Halloween! These are some of the pics I took that don’t really do any justice for the yard. I didn’t take nearly enough photos to show it all but I was trying not to let the home owner catch on to me taking pics LOL!
Here are a few blow up you see as you first walk towards the house.

Some ow my pics got smushed and i can’t straighten them out. But you first have to walk through the red eyes blow up and then the Frankenstein one. She had just blown a fuse right before I took these so all the smoke from the smog blowers weren’t going.

Then when you come out you have Mr. Skeleton dancing (which scared thejeebies out of my2 year old). You then walk up to a bunch of tables that have candy, cookies, hot apple cider and hot cocoa in crock pots to take. Everyone there is in full all out costume to boot so it even takes you a moment to figure out who the actual home owner is and who are her friends joining her to help out. Gavin was infatuated with all the additional items on the tables. This glowing head had his attention. He wouldn’t look away from it at all.

These next few are on the other side of the yard just for a visual. Full all out cemetery and Hurst.


  1. TNT2008 says

    My brother and I were just saying that we do not see things like this the way we used to. Many people do not decorate for Halloween in our old neighborhood.

  2. My home - My life says

    HAHA Love it!!!! Thanks for posting about this – too funny!!! Yea I would say these people are way over the top! I took one pic on Friday but it didn’t turn out at all – ugh! But all of yours make up for it! haha

  3. APO (Bem-Trapilho) says

    oooohhh creepy!!! loved it! 🙂
    and loved your blog! come visit mine also! 🙂
    huggs from Portugal!

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