Johnny’s Halloween Spooktacular Birthday Party!

Saturday night we celebrated Johnny’s 10th birthday with his friends. His actual birthday isn’t for a couple of weeks but he really wanted to have his friends over (we normally have his party out of the home). We decided a Halloween party would be lots of fun and hopefully before the cold came so we could have it in our garage. Luckily for us Saturday remained fairly cool (well compared to freezing Sunday).

The night before we spent it baking and decorating. The entire room became glow in the dark.

Thanks to many of the great things that Wilton provided for the giveaway I shared with you last month they made some great finishing touches. Truthfully I never would have thought to go to Wilton for all my decorating needs as well as baking needs but it was perfect! Don’t these bat center pieces look great!

See how it glowed when the lights went off!

We even had a Mad Scientist come to show the kids some Spooktacular Halloween fun!

All the kids got to make fun gooey slime.

I baked up a storm too! I baked for hours on Friday night and spent hours decorating before the party.

Don’t you like my 3D Skull cakes? I loved the recipe Cat posted for the Halloween Cereal Treats and thought they’d be a hit (and they were)! I also lined the table with the Wilton Spiderweb Doilies along the table for an added touch!

Since I was unsure if the garage would get cold or not we had crockpots filled with warm apple cider and hot chocolate which the kids thought was great! I had to buy more expensive hot cups with lids to be safe so I was glad I had the Wilton Cup Labels to make sure people were taking the time to reuse their cups. Sure enough no one grabbed for a new one!

I wasn’t sure how many people each cake would feed so I made two cakes to be on the safe side. It was great to put the two numbers on as well. The kids were amazed with my “awesome” cakes. Johnny even told me I was the best mom ever!

These 3D skull cakes are the first cakes I’ve decorated other than in the class in June. Honestly, I was incredibly overwhelmed by them and so scared I was going to let my kid down. I was ecstatic when they were done. Everyone was impressed with them and I was so proud of my accomplishment! I am definitely getting over the fear of frosting! For a full tutorial on how I made the 3D Skull Cakes click here.

Now when Johnny’s real birthday rolls around and we have family coming over I’m definitely going to make his cake again. My MIL has a birthday we celebrate at Thanksgiving and I’ll be trying a cake for her too!

*This post is not sponsored however some (not all) of the Wilton products were supplied as part of being a Wilton Mom Ambassador.


  1. That is seriously like the most awesome birthday ever. And all of your cakes and goodies came out totally creepy. 🙂

  2. Wow!! Everything turned out awesome!! You did an an amazing job and I know it is one birthday he will never forget. Great Job!!

  3. will you throw me a bday party?

  4. Mellisa says

    Wow! This looks like an AMAZING party! We had a mad scientist party a few years ago for my son’s May birthday and it was so much fun, I can only imagine how excited the kids must have been tying that into a Halloween theme. Great Job!

  5. Danielle says

    OMG…I want you to be my mom because that party looked amazing. Your son is truly loved because you can tell all the work that was put into his party.

  6. Amanda @MommyMandy says

    What an awesome party!

  7. Mimi says

    Just so we’re clear, my son WON’T be viewing this post. Do you realize the pressure I’d be under to give as amazing a party and cakes as you? Those skulls are fabulous! And the Mad Scientist? Nice touch. You are the best mom! I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy! *grin*

  8. Nichol says

    You did an amazing job, worlds coolest mom award? I have a huge fear of frosting cakes, and tell hubby every year I’m gonna take a class. Great party.

  9. Great job, Looks great!!

  10. Emilie says

    What an awesome party! I’d be thinking you were the coolest mom ever too! And your skulls turned out fantastic!

  11. nicole says

    wow- you are an awesome mom!

  12. Kayla says

    Dang! That birthday boy had one heck of a birthday bash xD
    I’M even jealous-Everything turned out absolutely amazing!!

  13. Sarah says

    Great job on the cakes! Looks like a fun party.

  14. You did an amazing job Jenn! Way to go! I would have loved to attend your party! Keep it up girlie!

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