Wordless Wednesday – New Brother

As you know I had Sawyer last week. I can't believe he's almost a week old already. Break my heart they grow so fast! The boys are so excited to have a new brother! You can read his announcement here and his birth story here. Of course both have cute pics ;) ONLY Wordless/Wordful related posts should be linked here. No giveaways or other posts. It must link directly to your WW post not … [Read more...]

Birth Story of {Sawyer James} March 14, 2012

I still can't believe I have a baby. I swear I'm still absorbing the fact that I actually got pregnant. My pregnancy definitely flew by. I don't know if it was because it was the whole holiday season which helped me focus on other things but I never felt like it was dragging. Was definitely a rougher pregnancy because older and not in the best shape which didn't help either. I had a lot of back … [Read more...]

Welcome to the World Sawyer James!

If you follow me along on facebook you know that we welcomed little Sawyer James into the world on Wednesday morning. I haven't been on much and don't intend on being on as much as enjoy his precious little-ness! Sawyer James March 14, 2012 6:00am 6 pounds 13 ounces 20 1/4 inches I know I promised you his room reveal this week but after unexpectedly going into labor that same night 2+ … [Read more...]

Meet Charlie. His Story.

This time last week a dog was no where on our radar. Well, at least not mine. It all started Saturday. My husband woke up and announced he was done sitting home. He couldn't handle it any longer. My husband had surgery last Monday and was down for the count recovering. He is a workaholic and was dying just sitting around. We all got ready and decided to run some errands. Remember that fridge we … [Read more...]

{Meet Charlie} Our Newest Family Member!

I know you've been awaiting the arrival of Sawyer and you saw the title and wondered to yourself who the heck Charlie is. Did we change our mind on the name? Did he come too soon? What's going on? Well, Charlie isn't the baby boy we're expecting next month! He's the puppy we brought home yesterday! Meet Charlie! Isn't he adorable? He's a Morkie and he's three months old. A Morkie is a Maltese … [Read more...]

Christmas Questionnaire 2011

1.) Have you started your Christmas shopping? I'm done. I should be as it's three days away. I've been done for awhile though. 2.) Tell me about one of your special traditions. I buy the kids Christmas themed jammies and wash them and wrap them. The night before Christmas they get to open them and go to bed in new cozy fleece jammies. 3.) When do you put up your Tree? We put it up … [Read more...]

Eat Cake!

We have been running around here like crazy lately trying to get things done. Hubby thinks my nesting period has begun because while I'm normally happy in a messy home I have been obsessing over having our place spotless. I think I just like getting to decorate and I love the house looking festive. I can't wait to take down the fall decor and put up the Christmas tree next weekend. Did I just say … [Read more...]

Two Feet Of Snow & A Week Without Power!

Just a quick note to let you know I'm alive and that we made it through the week with no power, cable, the internet, etc. We live in New England so we know snow. When we heard snow was coming we all did what we normally do. Go shopping for the basics, not the emergency kits. We just expected to have to shovel ourselves outcome morning like every other nor'easter. But this wasn't any other storm. … [Read more...]

5 Years Ago Today….

Five years ago I said the words 'I do'. But five years ago was just a day. A day we made it official. A day we invited our friends and family to celebrate with us. Anyone who knows us knows five years is nothing for us. We've been together since the first month of my freshman year in high school. Of course we've had some hiccups along the way but what relationship doesn't. So, today I will … [Read more...]