Our Carved Pumpkins!

The other day the kids & I went pumpkin picking. We carved our pumpkins just the other night. We got the templates free online from The Pumpkin Lady. I had bought one of those pattern books that came with the tools last year. We made some cool pumpkins from it. I didn’t feel like spending the $5 on the book again especially since I had washed and saved the pumpkin tools. So, I searched online and found the free patterns.
BTW, the porch looks so funny b/c it isn’t done being built LOL! So its only in 2×4 form! The steps are temporary as well!

Stay tuned and see what I did with the pumpkin guts from the 2 carved pumpkins!
Have you carved your pumpkins yet?


  1. http://ConnieK says

    We are only carving one pumpkin, the other two get turned in to Mr.Pumpkinheads every year! Great job carving those by the way!!

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