Amazing Little Boy’s Outer Space Toddler Bedroom

If you are looking for a way to decorate your child’s room in a fun and stylish theme than you need to look no further then Olive Kids! They have fun styles like Sports, Tea Pots & Polka Dots, Cowboys, and many more!When our family lost our home to a fire 2 years ago I was back to square one with the boys rooms. My oldest had the coolest glow in the dark moon and stars room that was discontinued and I could no longer purchase or replace. My youngest who was 6 months old at the time had a stunning nursery that had a rare collection of Little Suzy’s Zoo collector items that took years to collect. So I knew both were rooms that I had to start over from scratch with.Since it took a year to rebuild our home I wasn’t interested in putting my son back into a cutesy nursery. He was 18 months but he was still in a crib so I needed options. I needed something that could go from crib to toddler to young child. I am the type of person that takes a theme and takes it to the extreme. So, I was willing to spend the money if I could find something that I really liked. So, over the year it took to rebuild I looked into every website and every store for a fire truck bedroom theme. I thought it would be kind of ironic to put a fire engine bedroom theme into our house. I had trouble finding what I liked but because of THIS set I found Olive Kids! The set had more than fire trucks so I started to peek around the site and I stumbled upon a rocketship and planets theme called Out Of This World.I. was. in. love. instantly.
I knew this was the set Gavin had to have! Plus, since they carried the set in both toddler, twin, full, and queen sizes I knew the set could grow with him. I was able to put the toddler set into the crib for use while he was still in his crib. You can see his “little boy” room HERE in a post I did when I first started this blog. It’s worth taking a look I promise LOL Here are some shots of this Rockin’ Rocketship Room!

The mural you can see better in the old post I wish I grabbed a better one. If you get this bedroom you NEED this mural. It completely makes the room! We also got the wallies to put all around the room which gave it added style!
From here you can see the clock on the wall. The nice thing that Olive Kids offers is personalization to many of their products. You can put your child’s name on the clock if you chose or leave it blank if you don’t.

Like the half door below? That was my idea of a safety gate with a flight of solid oak stairs on the other side! The doorknob is also on backwards so it locks from the outside! I know that he is safe inside because the door is shut and locked at night but I can peak in and make sure he is safe at any time! He can even yell and I can hear him without a problem!

The bedding selections are great! Of course I just had to get them all! There are several different pillow options too. All of which I got LOL! There is the Pillow Sham, the Plush Pillow, and the Floor Pillow. You can also see that I have the Woven Throw Blanket. I was really nervous to wash the woven throw at first, but I finally got up the guts to put in both the washer and dryer and it came out fine.
Not Olive Kids…but doesn’t it match perfectly? This light rocks because it puts stars all over the ceiling and the rocketships blink between red, blue, and green. All its lacking is an actual light….too bad we realized that after we installed it. Hence, the floor lamp in the room.
Here is the floor pillow Gavin has. I need to tell you something about this pillow. This was Gavin’s Christmas present I decided to get at the very last minute in 2007. I’m talking a week before Christmas last minute late. Since I ordered it online I figured he’d get it after New Years. Can you believe Olive Kids had it to me 2 days later! Just in time for Christmas! Oh, and I got it that fast WITH the personalization you can see. Gavin, may be growing with popularity these days but you know it wasn’t sitting on a shelf in the back ready! The pillow rocks too! As you can see a year later and it’s still as plush as ever! It’s even super soft!

(shhh! The Personalized Floor Pillows are 20% off right now!!!)

Then there’s the framed prints! There are three of these if you look in the very first picture above. You can choose to personalize these too but decided everything in his room didn’t need his name on it LOL! These added the perfect touch to his room! You know regardless of which color frame you choose (yes, there are many to choose from) you know it’s going to match! Plus, it comes ready to hang. They even have little soft pads on the corners so it won’t damage the walls with its edges while it hangs there. If your hubby is like mine getting him to put these up will be your hardest battle!
I also have the curtains and valances but they have tab tops and I don’t want plain rods to hang them from. Do you know after checking google for over a year I still can’t find rocketship rods!!! What’s really nice is Olive Kids give you options. If you want to buy the whole set you can get discounted prices for buying them all together. If you just want a valance or an extra sheet you can buy those separately too!
I have the growth chart too….hubby said he’d adhere it to a piece of wood that we would frame it with and put it on the wall….I guess I should just be happy the clock and framed prints are up, right?

Four things I would {LOVE} for Olive Kids to carry to match this set:

  • Lamp
  • Decorative Curtain Rods
  • Decorative Light Switch – 2 switch of course 😉
  • Picture Frame
The Knob Set is next on my list to get! Plus they offer matching (and holiday themed) placemats that look super cute too!
This set is 100% quality. Their customer service is quality too! I had an issue with one of the products and I was quickly taken care of. So order from Olive Kids knowing that your going to end up with a room that your child loves that is quality made!

By the way ALL of Olive Kids personalized items are up to 30% off right now! So make sure to take a peek at all of the themes they carry! I’m sure there is one you will love at first site!!!


  1. Ross says

    So cute…. what a lovely post on Boys Bedding!! I too have recently shopped at Spacify for them.

  2. J. Leigh Designz says

    I bought these directly from 🙂

  3. Anita says

    Where did you purchase the rocket ceiling fan? Love it!

    • Jennifer says

      A very long time ago at either Lowe’s or Home Depot. I’m not sure which.

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