5 Things To Consider When You’re Purchasing A Car Seat

One of the biggest and most important purchases a parent makes is their car seat. When I was pregnant with my first born, Malone, I spent a lot of time researching car seats. I found myself a little overwhelmed by the process. I ended up making myself a gigantic car seat feature spreadsheet and spent hours researching.  My nerdy list had five main sections to it that I'll share with you … [Read more...]

Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales Tickets Available Now!

When Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales reached out to us to see if we'd be interested in attending the show, my answer was YES! I'm a child of the early princess generation and Cinderella was my favorite one of all.  There just something about her blue dress that makes me swoon. Lola wore her own version of a Cinderella dress. It is a pretty cute match, don't you think? I've … [Read more...]

Make Your Pirate Photo Book Props for your Birthday Party {Fun Crafts with Mom}

In the fall I received a Silhouette Portrait machine and was so excited but it was right as we began the remodeling of my office/craft room and the box got put into storage. Then when it came to planning out Sawyer's Pirate Themed Birthday Party I knew my Silhouette would be a big help and went searching for it. I have a Prepaid Subscription to the Design Store which I love because whenever … [Read more...]

It Finally Happened.

I really do stink at keeping secrets. If it's important and I really need to keep a secret I can do it. When it's a good secret though I struggle. If you've noticed I've been all over the place the past two weeks here's my explanation: After 3.5 years of trying we finally decided to call it quits and move forward with our lives. Afterall, our children were only getting older and older. Of course … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday [Cupcake Pancake Recipe] Birthday Fun

Sunday was Gavin's 5th Birthday and we had such a great day! We start birthday's around here with birthday cupcake pancakes! What are cupcake pancakes? Well, pancakes made from cupcake mix! Yes, they aren't the most healthy choice but twice a year won't harm anyone and the kids look forward to it. Plus, you start your day with a wish what's better then that as a kid? It's super simple. I start … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Gavin!

Yesterday we celebrated Gavin's birthday! I cannot believe that my baby is FIVE. Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday he was born! His birthday was also Daddy's last day of vacation so we had a fun and relaxing day planned. Gavin's party isn't until next weekend. Of course you must start your birthday off with some fun and yummy cupcake pancakes smothered in frosting … [Read more...]

Play Ball!

Saturday was absolutely insane for me.I had a baseball ceremony, 2 games, a preschool birthday party, and then to my surprise my own birthday party. I'll warn you now that this post is filled with photos. This is Gavin's first year playing Tball and Johnny's second year playing minors. Someone thought it was a great idea to kick off the baseball ceremony at 8am on a Saturday morning. We march … [Read more...]

Johnny Knows, I mean he KNOWS…

As Mom's we have so much fun building the fun of imagination around the holidays and special occasions such as the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy. We go out of our way to make sure everything is perfect from leaving trails of eggs, cookie crumbs, and gold coins and we dread the day our kids are old enough to piece it all together. For the past several years Johnny has become … [Read more...]