Johnny Knows, I mean he KNOWS…

As Mom’s we have so much fun building the fun of imagination around the holidays and special occasions such as the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Tooth Fairy. We go out of our way to make sure everything is perfect from leaving trails of eggs, cookie crumbs, and gold coins and we dread the day our kids are old enough to piece it all together. For the past several years Johnny has become curious in these fun characters and has done all he can to try and catch them in the act. Knowing my child and how capable he is of doing just that I knew how not to get caught. Of course that meant waiting until 3am when he was in a deep sleep to lay things out and get things ready and when the boys woke up in the morning it was all worth it.

Then Sunday night he told Daddy and I we needed to talk. Uh oh were we in trouble? It’s been a long time since someone sat me down all serious and told me we needed to talk so we were really curious as to what he had to say. He started out telling us little things that seemed suspicious to him and we immediately looked at each other and knew where he was going. So when Johnny blurted right out- Is the Easter Bunny real Daddy responded just as quickly- No. I was so sad. It was over.

Then it happened my talkative never sitting still child did just that. Nothing. He sat there for several minutes just thinking. It was as though we could literally see the wheels in his brain going back over all the pieces in the past and trying to figure it all out. I was so nervous he was going to cry when he put it all together. Instead my boy stood up and threw his arms around us and told us we were the best parents ever and he appreciated all the awesome gifts we got him for Christmas. Whoa. Wasn’t expecting that. We told him that Gavin was still little and he should get to have the same fun with it all he got to and he promised he’d keep our secret for his little brother.

Of course the rest of the night he’d pull us into the corner here and there and ask questions like “who ate Santa’s cookies”, “where did we hide so many presents”, “how did we do it all without waking them up” it was just one question after another. He was so excited to have learned about this secret and wanted to know all the tricks we had.

Then we didn’t hear anything about it until last night. I was getting the boys ready for bed and after tucking Gavin into bed I went into Johnny’s room to kiss him goodnight and he says to me-

Mom, what in the world did you do with my teeth?

And when I told him I had them all in my room in a small wooden tooth he was completely grossed out.


  1. http://Mellisa says

    That is so sweet. I am glad that he found out from you all rather than the kids at school. I can remember how upset I was when my 3rd grade teacher informed the whole class that it was all make believe. My son is 7 but he really asked alot of questions this year so I am guessing we don’t have much longer until he finds out the truth. It’s fun while it lasts though!

    • http://Jennifer says

      I would be LIVID if a teacher did that. OMG I would flip as that is NOT their place. Johnny is 10 so I should be happy it lasted as long as it did.

  2. says

    His response is so sweet! I hope that my kids will respond the same way! Way to go, Mom!

  3. http://Bobbie%20Mackey says

    what an awesome kiddo!
    i chose to tell my almost 7 year old this year. he is so sensitive, i knew when he heard it at all at school it would literally break his heart…interestingly enough, he has just seemed to disregard it at a suggestion, not necessarily the truth. i get points for trying, though, right?

  4. http://Heidijaneblankets says

    OMG Hilarious! My mom still had my teeth until about a year ago… She’s tab bit of a hoarder. She still won’t get rid of our crib from when we were babies lol. I guess in 40 years they’ll all be antiques which means money lol

  5. http://Audrey says

    My niece, when she was about 7 or 8, asked her mom about the Tooth Fairy. She very seriously told her mom that she needed to talk to her about something. She told her that she had found her teeth hidden in her jewelry box, and that she knew that she was the tooth fairy. As her mother prepared to tell her that the Tooth Fairy wasn’t real, my niece asked, “Mom, how do you go to ALL those houses?”. Yes, that’s right…her daughter though that she was THE tooth fairy.

    • http://Jennifer says

      Awww that is really cute!

  6. says

    That is so cute! It’s sad in a way, but so adorable!

  7. says

    Very sweet story. Thanks for sharing!

  8. http://Nichole%20T says

    Such a sweet story. That is awesome that he thanked you. Very smart boy! He much have wonderful parents!! :o)

  9. says


  10. http://Eileen says

    Aww…that was fun to read. You have a GREAT kid there! My youngest is 11 and it was SO sad for us to be at the end of this fantasy with 6 kids, but now we have grandkids that keep on COMING so we will have the fun and wonder of it with them. Ahhh…life is bittersweet! I would have called the school superintendent on that teacher that butted in on a parent’s territory like that. I literally would have been HEARTBROKEN to have my kids that young “know”. I had to squeeze out every little second of their childhoods as a mom.

  11. says

    so funny- I love the grossed out line!

  12. says

    You know, I’ve noticed a lot of these posts around from different moms lately-I wonder if it’s just ‘that’ time where all the kids are growing up and moving on? Anyway, that’s a really lovely way of taking it! Good for him, and good for both you and your hubby for raising him that way 🙂

  13. http://meredith%20c says

    aww thats too cute! every year for xmas my family goes up to oxnard, cali so weall can spend christmas there.. on x-mas eve every year they somehow attach a light up santa carriage w/2-3 reindeers to a helicopter thing (dnt ask me how!) and fly around so it looks like santa is flying by.. thats how parents used to coax us to go to sleep “look santas passing our house cuz ur not asleep” so we’d rush to bed. finally one year we actually snuck out to watch him pass when we started hearing the heliopter noises.. that was a sad day!! haha

  14. says

    Oh, this is how I hope it goes for us! Scooby is about to turn 8 and Easter went smoothly – he was being distracted in the den while I crept around the backyard tossing eggs into the bushes. I know our days are numbered but I believed until I was 10 or so, too. Yay for childhood innocence and gullibility! Imagination is one of childhood’s most precious gifts…I hope to preserve that magic for my kids as long as they will let me.

  15. http://Elizabeth says

    This is such a sweet story. You have one smart little guy on your hands. I still have a couple more years, I am hoping, before my oldest will ask. I am dreading that day! Thank you for sharing your story. I hope my daughter reacts the same way when she is told but until then I can just enjoy it.

  16. http://Katherine%20Dunn says

    My daughter is 6 and I got a lecture on the tooth fairy from her the other day. She said Mom, there’s a girl at school who said she got $5 for her tooth. And another girl said she got $20 for a tooth. How come I only get $3 at your house? LOL! I had to tell her all houses are different but I think she is figuring out that something is up!

    • http://Jennifer says

      Well my kids would be disappointed b/c they only get a $1 gold coin lol

  17. says

    awww so sad to see them grow, but how cute he is so curious.

  18. http://Erica%20G says

    What a precious kid! I hope my children react that way when they find out.

  19. says

    LOL omg, how sweet is this? And why is this making me all teary-eyed!?

  20. says

    So sweet! Our son just told us after Christmas this year that he knew. We knew he knew, he just wanted to believe and I think he was afraid that if he told us he knew he wouldn’t get any presents. 🙂

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