How We Celebrated Halloween 2014 #WW

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! I can't believe another Halloween has passed! We had a whole week of holiday fun! First we had the challenge of getting Sawyer to put on his Halloween costume. Of course with his deep love of Mickey we only thought it would be fitting that he get a Mickey costume. We found this awesome one at Babies R Us! How cute is he once he was convinced putting it … [Read more...]

Quick Weekend Family Trip to Maine

Last Friday me and the family took a trip up north to visit my Hubby's grandparents in Wells, Maine. We go every August and we love it as our last hurrah of the summer. It's a 3.5 hour drive for us normally but traffic was insane like we've never seen before and it took us FIVE HOURS. Luckily, the kids were well entertained and it was painless. When we got there we spent most of our time in … [Read more...]

Help Huggies and Walmart Assist Military Familes In Need!

I'm a Huggies girl. Always have been, always will be. With both my boys Huggies were my diaper of choice and with Gavin they were the only diapers he ever wore. I tried all the other generic and brand names when Johnny was little and Huggies were the only brand that left his bottom dry and protected without leaking! I didn't think twice about making them the only choice for Gavin and for this … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday [Cupcake Pancake Recipe] Birthday Fun

Sunday was Gavin's 5th Birthday and we had such a great day! We start birthday's around here with birthday cupcake pancakes! What are cupcake pancakes? Well, pancakes made from cupcake mix! Yes, they aren't the most healthy choice but twice a year won't harm anyone and the kids look forward to it. Plus, you start your day with a wish what's better then that as a kid? It's super simple. I start … [Read more...]

Between Me & You Books Review & Giveaway! Father’s Day Gift Idea!

Have you always wondered what your Dad was like when he was younger? What are his favorite memories? Maybe he now wonders what your favorite childhood memories are! With Between Me And You Journals all your questions can be answered. Plus, you'll have them all together in a hardcover, spiral-bound book! The outside quality of these books is great! It is small enough to fit on your night stand … [Read more...]

Personalized Family Christmas Ornaments- Review & Giveaway!

I can't believe its almost time for us to start pulling out all of our Christmas Decor. In truth this is the first year I've wanted to do it so soon. I've already got my Christmas cards ready to go this year (a first this soon) and I've got the first personalized Christmas ornament sitting here from that is just dying to go up. Since the fire we haven't replaced any of our … [Read more...]