Wilton Pops in a Post Contest! Win a $500 Visa Card!

Have you heard about the Wilton Pops! Sweets on a Stick Contest? If not pay attention because you can win yourself a $500 Visa Gift Card just by making an original creation of your own cake pops! First I recommend purchasing the Pops! Sweets on a Stick Book.  I scoured and read every word on every page. I don't know what it is but this book and the Cookie Exchange book I find so interesting and I … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Preschool Holiday Snack

Remember all the fun I had at Halloween with Johnny's birthday? And when I baked all this? Gavin was all about them! He insisted the next time he had snack I would make them for him. Problem? Halloween was over. I knew he had a holiday party going up so I asked Wilton if I could do the Gingerbread Boys and Trees Non-Stick Mini Pan. I knew immediately that the mini cake pans were perfect for … [Read more...]

Using a Wilton Comfort Grip Cookie Press! Dying Dough Colors Too!

As you know I'm cookie challenged. If you follow me on Facebook you have been reading about my baking experiences this holiday season. Just this past weekend I dropped a 5 pound bag of flour in the middle of my floor! I have tried sugar cookie cut outs FIVE times and I get the most distorted looking things. My snowflakes look like flowers and my Christmas trees like sun bursts. It's been horrible! … [Read more...]

Wilton’s Pre-Baked Gingerbread House Kit Is So Much Fun!

Wilton sent me the Pre-Baked Gingerbread House Kit for the holidays. I have to admit I was immediately overwhelmed. I had always wanted to do one of them but never had. I was sent the Halloween version and went to make it multiple times but there never seemed to be enough time.You had to make the house first and then let it sit for an hour before you could move on to the fun decorating part. I was … [Read more...]

Holiday Peppermint Bark Kit From Wilton!

I love making chocolate bark around the holiday's. I love giving it to friends and family- and of course keeping some around here for us. Giving it out can sometimes be a challenge because you don't want to spend all the time making it and then fail on presentation. Not with Wilton. They take care of everything for you with the Holiday Peppermint Bark Kit! Makes 6 complete treats for gift … [Read more...]

Win An Amazing Christmas Cookie Bundle From Wilton Valued At Over $80

I have been blogging Wilton products for just over a year now. I visited them and got to meet them in person last June. Over the summer I became an official Wilton Mom Ambassador. I have loved being an ambassador for them and I love the new challenges it brings me. Prior to visiting them and taking the cake decorating courses I had never done more then butter knife frosting on a cake. Since them I … [Read more...]

Wilton Dimensions® 3-D Skull Pan #Tutorial

So as many of you know through my many posts about Johnny's Halloween Birthday Party I made the Wilton's Dimensions® 3-D Skull Pan as his party cake. I have had this fear as a Wilton Mom my cakes need to rock, and well as a cupcake queen I don't do much more than the handy 1M swirl. When I was showing all the great Halloween party supplies Wilton carries Johnny saw the Dimensions® 3-D Skull Pan. I … [Read more...]

Johnny’s Halloween Spooktacular Birthday Party!

Saturday night we celebrated Johnny's 10th birthday with his friends. His actual birthday isn't for a couple of weeks but he really wanted to have his friends over (we normally have his party out of the home). We decided a Halloween party would be lots of fun and hopefully before the cold came so we could have it in our garage. Luckily for us Saturday remained fairly cool (well compared to … [Read more...]

Wilton Has Your Halloween Party Covered! Review & Giveaway! 10 Day Giveaway!

Remember in June when I shared my visit to Chicago to Wilton? Well, I have some even more exciting news! I'm now an official Wilton Mom Ambassador! There are 8 of us girls and we are going to continue to keep you up to date and bring you exclusive giveaways year round! If there was ever a company that I would love to be a part of its Wilton. Not only do the products they sell completely rock but … [Read more...]