The Wilton Yearbook’s Amazing Candy Store Cake Up Close & Personal!

Part of being a Wilton Mom Ambassador means we get to meet the Wilton crew and see all that is going on. The people there are amazing and are so excited about what they do. Of course their excitement rubs off on us when they show us all the latest and greatest that they have. On our June visit we received a copy of the latest Wilton Yearbook! Have you picked up your copy yet?

Now how about that cover cake? Don’t be fooled, this cake is huge.

I have heard so much hype around this cake. This cake is amazing and probably my favorite of all the cakes I’ve been able to see there. I thought I’d take some up close and personal photos of the cake that you won’t find anywhere else. If you want the real breakdown and how-to’s then make sure to pick up your copy!

Starting at the bottom you have this awesome huge tier that has cute little cupcakes and little peppermints!

The next level are these fun ice cream cones!

Then you have this colorful layer with a taffy ribbon bottom.

Then yet another really fun level with these lollipops!

Throw on yet another layer with more color and these fun “dots” made with sugar sheets!

And of course you have to finish it off with a bang and nothing does it better then a large cupcake! I love that they made it shimmer!

Put it all together and this is one cake that will make a cake you’ll never forget!

If you’re a fan of the yearbook then you should know that this man, Steve Rocco, is the mastermind behind many of the projects you’ll find in them. He’s the Senior Director of Cake and Visual Design and this is the fourth yearbook he’s signed for me!

He even posed with us and the cake! These are the other Wilton moms that attended the last Wilton trip.

Jen – Momma D and Da Boyz – Our newest addition to the crew!
Emilie – Baby Loving Mama
Shannon – The Mommy-Files
Tanya – Mommy Goggles

In the 2012 Yearbook, you’ll find more than 230 designs for every occasion. Discover great theme birthday cakes, colorful holiday treats and dramatic tiered wedding creations to suit any taste. As always, the Yearbook is the ideal resource for the decorator, with step-by-step instructions, decorating techniques, a complete product section and a website link to more great designs.

You can purchase the Wilton Yearbook online  with free shipping!

**As a Wilton Mom Ambassador my expenses were paid to fly out and learn about the new products. No compensation was received for this post. Opinions on use and ideas are my own**


  1. Amy @ Marvelous Mommy says

    Wow that’s amazing! I love the ice cream cone level!

  2. Jenny says

    That is the cutest cake I’ve ever seen!

  3. won says

    That is a *fantabulous* cake!!!

    I wouldn’t want to cut into it though…it’s like a work of art.

    • Jennifer says

      Lol, I know right! I couldn’t cut it either!

  4. nan says

    amazing…love the icecream cone and lollipop levels

  5. Elaine Lund says

    That is the most “awesomest” and fun cake I have ever seen!

  6. Very impressive! I haven’t gotten my copy yet, but am excited to. I think a smaller version would be great for a child’s birthday.

  7. WOW! That is an awesome cake. Its just too pretty. I dont’ think I could cut it either.

  8. lollipops says

    This cake is amazing! And suitable for so many different events. Everything on that cake makes you want to stare at it, not even eat!

  9. Mellisa says

    That is….AMAZING!

  10. Nicole May says

    That is one amazing cake!!!!

  11. Melissa Barnes says

    I love this cake, its so amazing what can be done with cake decorating. This is a work of art for sure!!

  12. Jennifer H says

    Wow, it doesn’t even look like you can eat it, so neat!


  14. Wowzers, that’s one amazing cake!

  15. Erin says

    That is an amazing cake. I love how they used the icecream cones!

  16. Julie says

    Maybe it’s just me, but I can not find in the book, what’s on top of the ice cream cones. Can anyone help me out?

    • Jennifer says

      You’ll find the directions for the ice cream cones on page 121 🙂 Hope that helps!

  17. Sue Ann says

    I can not find the directions for making this cake. They are no longer available. Would anyone be willing to share them with me? My grand daughter wants this cake for her 4th birthday.

    • Jennifer says

      The directions for this cake are in the 2012 Wilton Yearbook 🙂

  18. Sue Ann says

    Thank you. I finally found a 2012 yearbook on ebay and it’s on the way. thank you for responding.

  19. Tanya says

    Was wondering how to get the ice cream cone part? What are they made from?

    • Jennifer says

      They ARE ice cream cones.

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