Wilton Puts The Sweet In Sweetheart This Valentine’s Day! Giveaway!

Finally things have started to slow down around here and I don't feel like I have to bake like a machine but now I can bake for the fun of it. My kids really had fun getting into the baking the holiday brought. They've been asking to get back into things and I've just been trying to get my home and blog back in order so I haven't done much baking around here. With Valentine's Day coming up though … [Read more...]

My Baking Must Have! The Cupcake Carrier EVERY Mom Should Own!

It was 2006 and it was Johnny's birthday. There I was standing outside the school with a newborn in his stroller and two cupcake carriers with 12 cupcakes in each container because I needed a minimum of twenty cupcakes for the class. I knew that this wasn't going to work and that there had to be another way. Having already invested in these carriers I wasn't sure what I could do. Then three months … [Read more...]

Things That Make Scents – Oh Soy! Candles, Aroma Critters, Cupcake Candles, & Tart Cups! Review & Giveaway!

Things That Make Scents is a candle company founded in 2002 by Janine who was sick of all the soot stains coming from her paraffin based candles. She discovered that soybean based candles were not only cleaner but greener too! All of their wicks are either made from hemp or cotton and burn up to 50% longer then leading non soy based candles. She has an extensive listing of many soy facts that you … [Read more...]