– Bounce Bot Inflatable Bounce House by Blast Zone {Review} PLUS, an online discount promotional code!!!

I have been so excited to share this bounce house review and giveaway with you from! As we know many mom's rent commercial bounce houses for fun summer fun and birthday parties- but what if you could OWN one for just a little more then the cost of a two day rental!! I did some research for rentals in my area and the average commercial bounce house rental ran between $200-$400 … [Read more...]

Piggy Paint – Review & Giveaway – PLUS, Promotional Discount Code! {Ended}

I swear from the moment we girls understand pretty its all we want. We are love the pink, the glitter , and the sparkles. We also know now that we're parents that just because it is pretty doesn't always make it safe.Piggy Paint has kid friendly finger nail polish! So when your little girl wants pretty colored toes and fingers like her Momma you know you can paint her little piggies and know they … [Read more...]

Vtech V Motion and V. Smile Game Promo Code! Games as low as $3.99 with FREE SHIP!

As most of you know I recently reviewed the V Motion Game System from Vtech and we are {loving} it. I just bought EIGHT games for it for $36!!!!I got this game...This game. Plus, 6 more! For $36 and FREE SHIPPING!Just enter GETGAMES at www.vtechkids.comLook at what I was able to get for less then $40!Oh and did I mention that the game system its self is on sale for $39.99 right now too!Enter … [Read more...]

Carolina Pad – All Holiday Gift Packs Reduced Sale Price! Plus Bonus Promotional Code for mr readers!

This just in! Carolina Pad is offering J. Leigh Designz Readers a 20% discount off of all holiday gift packs! My favorite is the Prints charming "Save Me From Clutter Set" pictured below!Remember these are great inexpensive gifts for your kids teachers and coaches! They also make great gifts for your co-workers, friends, and family!Just visit Carolina Pad and use the discount code:Blog_HolidayThis … [Read more...]

LOVABLE LABELS – Don’t lose it – Label it! Review! Promo Discount Code!

I don't know about your children but mine are great for losing and misplacing items on a regular basis. If his name wasn't written on it then you can pretty much assume it was gone for good. And if our name was written on it well, then it didn't look to nice anyways. I've always hated the way it looked when someone grabs a marker to write on clothing or a sippy cup. I mean seriously why pay so … [Read more...]

Pencil Me In Cosmetics – Bring The Color Back! Review & Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Pencil Me In Cosmetics has great eye liner pencils in a great line of colors for you to select from! They are are healthy for your eyes because they naturally contain both vitamins AND anti-oxidants!"Healthy Eye Liner Pencils with FREE Sharpener Built into each Eyeliner Pencil Cap. All of the shades were custom created to be unique and not replicate the ordinary shades in the market place. The … [Read more...]

Mutsy Grow Up! – Great Seating for Eating! Toddler Booster Seat Review!

Finding a feeding chair for children can sometimes be difficult. Since switching from our high chair we have already tried out several different booster seats. The first one didn't like because it had a tray like a high chair and kept our child from eating at the table with the rest of us. The second one allowed him to eat with us but he often had to sit on his knees to be up high enough. In a … [Read more...]

Go Jane Shoes! Classy, Sassy, and Stylish Shoes!!! Discount Promotional Code and Review!

I have to admit I am the girl that owns 2 pairs of shoes. neither stylish, both hubby hates.Thanks to Go Jane Shoes I think that's all about to end. They have the most amazing selection of shoes I have ever seen all in one place! Plus, the prices are so low you think there has got to be a catch! Well, there isn't. So, my only warning is don't plan on escaping that website anytime soon!If you're … [Read more...]

Intelligent First Aid – Talking First Aid Kit – SALE – First Aid Kit

Did you know June is National Safety Month? Well, Intelligent First Aid has the first aid system every family, school, business, and daycare should own. Not only is it equipped to help you in any emergency situation from broken bones to shortness of breath but it has the ability to talk you through it. Now, they aren't asking for this to replace the 911 call that should be placed, but to help you … [Read more...]