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I have been so excited to share this bounce house review and giveaway with you from! As we know many mom’s rent commercial bounce houses for fun summer fun and birthday parties- but what if you could OWN one for just a little more then the cost of a two day rental!! I did some research for rentals in my area and the average commercial bounce house rental ran between $200-$400 for a weekend of fun. The average bounce house at is under $500 and you can keep it! Of course if your in the market for a commercial bounce house they have you covered too!
We were sent the Bounce Bot Inflatable Bobble Bouncer by Blast Zone! Can I tell you how excited my children were to hear this was on the way! It has a great robot outer space look to it. One thing we didn’t expect was how big it was. It’s huge! The quality of this Bobble Bot is exceptional. Its tough and durable and can with stand all your kids crazy jumping.
If you’re looking for a fun way for your kids to get out and get some fun exercise this summer this is the way to do it. You’ll also win Parent of the Year from not only your kids but all their friends as well! This fun bouncer will rock and move with your kids making it extra fun!
There is a fun slide in the front to make it super easy to get in and out of the bounce house.
It is easy to climb as well so you don’t have to worry about smaller kids struggling to get in and out.
The entrance has a velcro that is strong and secure so that you don’t have to worry about your children getting excited with their jumping and falling out! It also has Heavy Duty Safety Netting so they are secure on all sides.
I took this photo from my second floor balcony to show you how much room my boys have inside to jump around. They both have plenty of space to jump as much as they want too! This bounce house is equipped to handle up to five kids and a maximum of 500 pounds!!! It has a large 9’W x 9’L bouncing area and a Commercial Vinyl Bounce Floor to make sure that it lasts a very long time.
We have SO much fun on this bounce house! As you can see Johnny jumped with everything he could. I don’t have to worry about him damaging the bounce house since I know it has Reinforced X-Weave in Stress Areas to let is take every impact.
The entire bounce house is powered by a blower that comes included with bounce house. There are two area’s you need to tie off before starting. In the picture you can see there is a small yellow strip. This is so when deflating it can let the air out faster. The long one has an elastic neck that slides over the mouth of the blower and then securely tie it to make sure it doesn’t come undone. We noticed with our smaller bouncer it was easier to put on a bucket to keep the tube straight. On the larger bounce houses it was easily able to sit on the ground. Just make sure to keep it away from water as it is an electrical device.
The blower blower that is easy to carry and not heavy at all. It simply plugs in to a regular outlet (we usually need an extension cord first) and then we simply flick the switch.
It come with a patch kit so that is for any reason you tear it you don’t have to worry about not being able to fix it. It also comes with four easy stakes to anchor your bounce house down to the ground. Our ground is still somewhat frozen so it wasn’t able to go in all the way but it still held it well! When we removed them it didn’t leave a huge hole in the ground making my Hubby a happy man too!
I wanted to not only tell you how much fun this Bounce House is I wanted to show you! This is setting it up directly from the box for the first time. It is super easy!!!
Sorry for sounding like an infomercial (lol) but it was attempt 89473 and we were so excited to get it up.

We were also sent the Little Bopper Bounce House by Blast Zone that is a great option for children ages 3-6! It has the same quality that all their other bounce houses provide just at a smaller size. Now don’t confuse that with me saying it’s small because this bounce house still fits 2 kids with a weight limit of 150 pounds! What is great about this is that it is able to be used indoors and outdoors but at only 6′ W x 6′ L x 5′ H you can easily set this up in your home! Just make sure to grab a set of their sandbags for indoor anchoring! Plus, at a selling price of only $179.99 and free shipping this costs LESS then a rental!!!
If your looking for some great water fun you’d love their great selection of watersilde bounce houses! We also have the Pirate’s Bay also by Blast Zone and it adds hours of summer fun in our backyard. It holds up to everything our boys through at it and with its shallow waters it is still safe for little kids as well as much fun for older kids too. With its big slide and water sprayers it offers many ways to stay cool all summer long!
They all come with a Breathable Storage Bag. These make it great to store in when they aren’t in use. You can see the Little Bopper here in the back of my Jeep as when we set it up we still had snow on the ground so we took it my Mom’s for an afternoon of fun. I will admit the larger ones are near impossible for me to get into these bags and I wish the opening for those ones was across the wide side not the short one.
As you can see has a great selection of residential bounce houses and commercial bounce houses for you to chose from! They have affordable pricing and to sweeten the deal they have offered all my readers a 5% discount code good for all of 2010!!!
Just enter JLeighDesignz5 at checkout!!
Of course all purchases over $99 automatically come with FREE ground shipping to the lower 48 states! Plus, You NEVER pay taxes!Right now you can purchase the Bounce Bot Inflatable Bobble Bouncer by Blast Zone for only $399.99 (normally $600)!

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