Mutsy Grow Up! – Great Seating for Eating! Toddler Booster Seat Review!

Finding a feeding chair for children can sometimes be difficult. Since switching from our high chair we have already tried out several different booster seats. The first one didn’t like because it had a tray like a high chair and kept our child from eating at the table with the rest of us. The second one allowed him to eat with us but he often had to sit on his knees to be up high enough. In a sense in kind of defeated the purpose of putting a booster seat there to begin with.Thankfully, I had the opportunity to try out Mutsy’s Must Grow Up Seat thanks to Hilary at Hilary Abbott Communications. Not only does this seat offer our child to sit as part of the family during meals AND have him sit comfortably at the right level, but it has straps that hold him securely for safety and sanity. Why sanity you ask? The last chair we tried didn’t have straps and my son was constantly getting up and moving all over the place. Standing up, sitting down, standing back up again. It was a circus with him center stage. The easy to use and release straps keep him safe and grounded.
It’s easy to clean as all the edges are smooth.

The Grow Up! Seat is available is many great colors with some just newly added:

  • raspberry
  • apple
  • aqua
  • blueberry
  • mandarin
  • nut

Regardless of your style or decor this booster seat from Mutsy is a MUST! If I rated products this one would get 5 stars. My search for a booster seat is complete. Finally!

I took this angle of a picture of Gavin in his chair so you could see how he measures up next to the table. He is at perfect height to sit with us. You can also see how the straps keep him secure but still allow him to be able to move.For a limited time I have been offered a discount promotional code to receive 10% off if you purchase through Retails for $59.99 reg.

Just enter promo code: “jleighmu” at checkout!

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