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I don’t know about your children but mine are great for losing and misplacing items on a regular basis. If his name wasn’t written on it then you can pretty much assume it was gone for good. And if our name was written on it well, then it didn’t look to nice anyways. I’ve always hated the way it looked when someone grabs a marker to write on clothing or a sippy cup. I mean seriously why pay so much money on an item for it to look good if you’re just going to turn around and sharpie it to death. Then I was contacted to review some labels from Lovable Labels and figured it was worth a shot! I was sick of ruining things or just losing them in general.
We were offered to review the ‘Back to School MEGA Pack‘ from Lovable Labels. I was really impressed with the options they had! First you had an option to pick from four great colors: Red, Blue Black, and Mixed Berry! We chose black! From there you were given the option of choosing from 27 different icons! It was really hard to make a choice! They had everything from the cute dinosaur you see below, to a firetruck, skateboard, etc. We decided to go with the soccer ball option. Then they ask for the name that will appear on the product. Lovable labels had a great idea of putting just your last name on them so you can use them for more then one child. I thought that was a great idea! Now, I can have my sons share these labels!

The MEGA School Pack includes:
· 15 sticker labels
· 60 slimline labels
· 48 Press N’ Stick clothing dots
· 16 shoe labels
· 2 Mini-Metal tags
· 5 Book/Binder stickers

My favorite labels in the kits are different for each of my kids. For my youngest, Gavin, I really like that I no longer need to write his name all over his sippy cups. I also liked that there was a shoe option as when he goes to daycare he not only likes to take his shoes off, but generally is sent with two pairs of shoes. Now there is no question of who they belong to at the end of the day.
For my oldest, Johnny, I really liked that I could label everything that went into his school bag. I liked that I was finally able to label his lunch box! I can’t tell you how many lunch boxes we go through in a year because he doesn’t just forget them at school but he’s known to leave them on the bus! If there’s no name on it the bus company won’t return it. Now, I’ll finally start seeing items return back home!
In non-school uses these are GREAT for sports equipment! Johnny is very athletic and has tons of sports equipment. Every year we fight figuring out whose hat is whose and so on. Since the team often has matching pieces if the stuff is thrown into a pile often you won’t get the same one back. I always cringe when I see Johnny go looking for his baseball cap, knowing its not the one he came with. I’m glad to know that will no longer be a problem. The shoes tags were great for his cleats as well!
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