Vtech V Motion and V. Smile Game Promo Code! Games as low as $3.99 with FREE SHIP!

As most of you know I recently reviewed the V Motion Game System from Vtech and we are {loving} it. I just bought EIGHT games for it for $36!!!!
I got this game…
This game. Plus, 6 more! For $36 and FREE SHIPPING!
Just enter GETGAMES at www.vtechkids.com

Look at what I was able to get for less then $40!
Oh and did I mention that the game system its self is on sale for $39.99 right now too!

Enter GETGAMES at checkout!
Even if you spend $5 you’ll still get the free shipping! It will kick in AFTER you plug in your credit card info, but will not charge the credit card until you click another button.

*It will take $5 off all game prices each*

Don’t me believe me?
Look at my order:

V.Smile™: Handy Manny 1 $4.79
V.Smile™: Go Diego Go Save the Animal Families 1 $4.79
V.Smile™: Winnie The Pooh The Honey Hunt 1 $4.79
V.Smile™: The Backyardigans- Viking Voyage 1 $4.79
V.Smile Motion™: Snow Park Challenge 1 $4.32
V.Smile Motion™: Soccer Challenge 1 $4.32
V.Smile Motion™: Wild Waves 1 $4.32
V.Smile™: Little Einsteins 1 $4.79
TOTAL $36.92

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Oh, and for legal reasons I have to tell you that in no way did vtech sponsor this post. They didn’t even email me to let me know. It was just a super find that I thought you, too might want to take advantage of!

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