Go Jane Shoes! Classy, Sassy, and Stylish Shoes!!! Discount Promotional Code and Review!

I have to admit I am the girl that owns 2 pairs of shoes. neither stylish, both hubby hates.
Thanks to Go Jane Shoes I think that’s all about to end. They have the most amazing selection of shoes I have ever seen all in one place! Plus, the prices are so low you think there has got to be a catch! Well, there isn’t. So, my only warning is don’t plan on escaping that website anytime soon!

If you’re looking for some fun and flirty striped slingback platforms to wear out this summer. Go Jane has quite the selection! These were a pair that immediately caught me eye. I love the selection of colors that allow you to match these up to several different outfits! Giving them a special touch each time! Plus, with the little peep toe you can show off those nicely manicured toes! These cute shoes are only $23.10

These plaid kitten thongs are the perfect vacation tag along. The heel is low enough were you can dress up without dressing up but still have a piece of fashion with you at the same time and for $12.30 a pair you can afford to get them in all three color choices!
You see since Gavin was born I haven’t really had any reason to put on or invest in heels. However, since I have started blogging my girlishness has come out and for the love of god I need to re-learn how to walk in them. I know that sounds silly but for the life of me even if I can pull off walking in them, I can’t last longer then an hour in them because they kill my feet and I can’t drive in them. Once I get it all back I want to own a hot sexy pair of heels like these pleated giraffe print platforms. I love the little rhinestones thrown in around the buckle! I absolutely love these shoes and normally can’t stand anything animal print. So nicely done! Careful though with a 5 inch heel these are for the girls who are already trained! These hot momma shoes are only $20.99!
So play it safe me decided to go with a stylish and fashionable pair of sandals that I could wear dressed up or with a pair of jeans out with friends. These knot front slip on wedges are perfect for me. They fit perfect to size. I first I thought they were too small but since they were new they just needed for me to move the leatherette straps and they were fine. Honestly, when I looked on the site they didn’t seem that high too me (remember I can’t walk LOL) but was surprised when they showed up and they had 3.5 inch heel. Which I failed to read on the website. It was good for me though. Not only did I last an entire night in these but drove in them too! I think the full wedge under these made it really easy to walk and they were surprisingly really comfortable. Best yet, hubby likes them 😉 Did I also mention they are only $16.00!
Even at these ridiculously inexpensive prices GoJane.com has offered my readers $5.00 off any purchase!! No minimum either! Oh and I should warn you after you get lost in all the shoe selections they sell clothes too LOL!

Just enter promo code “luckyjane” at checkout to receive this discount!
Don’t wait forever though…it expires June 30th, 2009!

Also, I’m not sure when it expires but they also have free shipping right now on any purchase over $50! Enter “gjship50” click HERE for details.

Make sure to sign up for their newsletter. I’ve been on it and haven’t received many of them….but they do let you know when new items come in and if they are running any sales!

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