Florsheim has Stylish and Durable Options for Your Kids too! {Win a $60 #GiftCard!!}

I'm a mom of three boys. It's no surprise to you that I'll tell you my kids are pretty rough on their feet. They run around outdoors and dig their feet into the dirt piles and use their soles as the scooter brake while we are on the trails. I need good durable shoes that can handle that. That can't be it though. I can't just have shoes that last. I need shoes that look good too! We don't … [Read more...]

Angie Ballet Flats from Brian James Footwear {Review & #Giveaway}

I love comfy shoes. Something that looks cute is usually a bonus because I can't find slip on fast and comfort and cute in a shoe. Something always has to give and more then I'd like to admit I will take comfy and easy over cute. What if I told you that you could have all three? Meet Brian James Footwear. Brian James™ was created by Angela Edgeworth, founder of the award-wining children’s … [Read more...]

pediped Children & Infant Fashionable Shoes {Review & Giveaway}

As a mom I've trusted pediped for all my boys. I love the support and comfort they provide for their feet and the fashions just can't be beat. pediped® cares about the health and well being of your child’s growing feet. We have performed extensive research and testing to develop the latest technologies in children’s footwear. From our unique memory foam insoles to our light-weight, water-safe … [Read more...]

UMI Shoes Style this Holiday Season Review & $60 Gift Card Giveaway!

Johnny was so easy to dress. Whatever I gave him he wore. He's still kind of like that in a sense as long as I keep it athletic. Gavin on the other hand is really picky with anything he wears. He has a say with everything that he wears. If he has visually approved it it still has to get his seal of approval comfort wise. Gavin doesnt like anything stiff, hard, or time consuming to put on. As a mom … [Read more...]

Florsheim Kids Getaway Bike Slip Jr Dress Shoes {Review & Giveaway}

Girls aren't the only ones trying to fit into their parents shoes. I've seen my boys try to walk in their Daddy's shoes from time to time and now thanks to Florsheim Kids they can wear their Daddy's shoes in their own size. This new line is constructed with the same craftsmanship of dad’s shoes — handpicked from the same designs — but recreated with age-appropriate lasts and tough materials … [Read more...]

UmiBaby Infant Shoes! $60 Gift Card Giveaway!

Did you hear? Umi Shoes has an infant line! Of course I'm thrilled since I just had a baby! Umi Shoes have provided both style and quality and I know that I'll be just as thrilled with the infant line as I have with the boys line! Infant 0-9 Months Ultra lightweight, breathable materials for a stylish debut All natural and breathable full leather lining wicks away moisture to keep their … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – My Itty Bitty Collection

I have a thing for baby shoes but lately it's the itty bitty newborn ones that are getting me.   As you can see Sawyer already has quite a good collection! ONLY Wordless/Wordful related posts should be linked here. No giveaways or other posts. It must link directly to your WW post not you main page. Any links not going directly to a WW post will be deleted. Mister Linky's Magical Widgets … [Read more...]

ShooShoos HUGE Spring Clearance Sale!

As you know I'm one of those moms who is addicted to baby shoes. I've already started building Sawyer's collection and he's not even here yet. I know babies learn best walking in their barefeet but I also think there is nothing wrong with a little style and I don't like thinking of the germs my child can pick up outside the home and like to have them covered. Shooshoos has such a great collection … [Read more...]

UMI Shoes – Machine Washable UMISport Sneakers {Review & Giveaway}

We first started using Umi Shoes last summer. It was in the fall though that Gavin found a pair of shoes that were going to be a permanent part of his wardrobe and lead us into months of arguments. He loved his Reeve boots and wore them everywhere. No matter if they went with the outfit or not. At first we thought it was a matter of convenience. His $100 sneakers had laces and maybe it was a … [Read more...]