More Winners! Catching up!

So, I know I've left you guys hanging on the remainder of the Etsy Bash Winners and the ERGO Baby Carrier Set plus the Talking First Aid Kit! My bosses went on vacation and I've been in extra days this past week to help out. Great paycheck wise however I've fallen behind in other tasks. So today I will be catching up and getting my blog back in order. I have a bunch of emails and such to catch up … [Read more...]

Intelligent First Aid – Talking First Aid Kit – SALE – First Aid Kit

Did you know June is National Safety Month? Well, Intelligent First Aid has the first aid system every family, school, business, and daycare should own. Not only is it equipped to help you in any emergency situation from broken bones to shortness of breath but it has the ability to talk you through it. Now, they aren't asking for this to replace the 911 call that should be placed, but to help you … [Read more...]