Carolina Pad Has NEW Studio C Products Available At Bed, Bath, & Beyond! {Review & Giveaway}

Can you believe that Carolina Pad dates all the way back to 1945? It all began back when they started out small with a school supply wholesale business in Belmont, North Carolina.Fast forward to today and they have incredibly fashionable products that are recognizable at just a quick glance. I don't even need to look at the label anymore when I spot a Carolina Pad product I know it … [Read more...]

Carolina Pad – All New TranZend Everyday Tote Bags! Review & Giveaway!

Carolina Pad is one of those products that you love from the moment you spot them. They have great style and fit all your practical needs at the same time. They are convenient to find in many stores and are priced incredibly reasonable.So when I was asked to be one of the first people to review and see Carolina Pad's All New Bag Collection called Studio C I was quickly on board. Beginning today … [Read more...]

Carolina Pad – Great Holiday Gift Sets – Review & Giveaway! {Ended}

I'm new to Carolina Pad but not new to stationary. I love paper and all things paper. I have an entire room dedicated to scrapbooking and up until recently (when this blog decided to consume all spare time) ran a couture wedding paper store. To stay in the loop of couture high priced stationary and wedding items I had to check out what my competition was.To tell you that I would give up all my … [Read more...]

Carolina Pad – All Holiday Gift Packs Reduced Sale Price! Plus Bonus Promotional Code for mr readers!

This just in! Carolina Pad is offering J. Leigh Designz Readers a 20% discount off of all holiday gift packs! My favorite is the Prints charming "Save Me From Clutter Set" pictured below!Remember these are great inexpensive gifts for your kids teachers and coaches! They also make great gifts for your co-workers, friends, and family!Just visit Carolina Pad and use the discount code:Blog_HolidayThis … [Read more...]