Jump Start Your Mornings with Tropicana Pure Premium #tropimommas

We are finally starting to get into a routine around here. The summer we totally lost a routine and things got a little rough around here. They say kids need a routine but honestly around here we all need a routine. When things start to slide it is like everything starts to slide. One thing that makes a huge difference to our day is the way we start it. My husband is the first one up and then the … [Read more...]

Homemade Strawberry Fruit Popsicles #tropimommas

Since having a baby I've had to slap my own hand a few times as my kids reached into the freezer this hot, hot summer. I've been trying to stay cool but many of the sweet treats aren't the best thing for my waist line. The kids & I thought it would be fun if we made some of our kind of popsicles. Grab your blender and about 3 cups of strawberries and one banana. Cut up and place in … [Read more...]

Start Every Day With Tropicana Orange Juice! $50 in Coupons Giveaway! TWO Winners!

When I was pregnant with Gavin I bought two bottles of Tropicana Orange Juice every morning on the way to the Emergency Room where I worked. I'd have them both gone by 9am. It was an every morning thing and I bet it has a lot to do with why Gavin now must start every morning with a glass of orange juice himself. Did you know that just by downing an 8 ounce glass in the morning you've already … [Read more...]