Disney’s SPOOKY BUDDIES on Blu-ray & DVD September 20th!

I'm sure you've seen the posters at the store entrances letting us know about the upcoming release of Spooky Buddies by now! My kids were all over it weeks ago! Well, the wait is almost over! Next week is the release on Tuesday, September 20th! The boys are going to be super excited to be able to see this movie when it arrives as we've seen and own all the previous 'buddy' movies! Disney's … [Read more...]

Giving Our Kids Tylenol

I got a phone call today. It was the school nurse and Johnny wanted Tylenol. He banged his leg on the playground and the ice was cutting it for him. I gave written consent to the school but told them I still wanted to give oral consent on a case by case basis. The nurse told me that he banged his leg over the weekend and the playground hit made it hurt more then ice can handle. I told her no. I … [Read more...]

French Toast Official School Uniform Wear! Cute & Fashionable! 2 Piece Outfit Giveaway!

  School Uniforms seems to be growing more and more popular these days. Not only are they becoming a standard but when when I recently walked into a leading children's store I was surprised to see how this year a lot of outfits are even being styled around school uniforms. French Toast doesn't just sell school uniform pieces but official pieces that school approve of. If you have to put in a code … [Read more...]

Umi Shoes For Back 2 School! Review & Giveaway!

When it comes time to go back to school I swear my head starts spinning. It seems the boys need so much that it's easily able to forget about something. Shoes are usually one of the last things we think about and I really need to stop that because we end up with the picked over shoes everyone else skipped over. That- or I need to start turning to websites like Umi Shoes that are always in stock … [Read more...]

Neutrogena Wet Skin Sunblock Spray Review!

Sunscreen. It's a battle in my family every year. Sadly it isn't even for one specific reason but multiple reasons. We spend a lot of time outdoors and with all the ways we look to stay cool 98% of the time require water. Getting my kids out of the water alone is hard enough but asking them to do so to put on sunscreen is usually impossible. The last thing they want to do is get out, dry off, and … [Read more...]

BabyBanZ UV Protective Swimwear! Review & Giveaway!

It's crazy to think that Baby BanZ is 10 years old this year! That's 10 years of protecting our children from the harmful sun and all the damage it can cause to the skin of our little ones. They were first sold in Australia which is known for being one of the harshest UV zones in the world. Shortly after they opened their market up to the American Market and is now well known all across the … [Read more...]

Pediped Footwear Adrian Shoes Review!

It's no secret that my go to shoes for Gavin are Pediped Shoes. If you go through my website and look at all the photos of him I can promise you that 99% of the time he is wearing Pediped shoes. If you don't see these shoes on him it's generally because the weather wasn't appropriate so we opted for rain boots or snow boots but every other time my son wears them. All this school year he has been … [Read more...]

Win an Old Navy Coupon! $50 off a $100 purchase! NINE Winners!! 72 Hour Giveaway!

I love Old Navy. It's one of the only stores that my entire family can walk into and easily find complete outfits for everyone! Not only that but we can afford it too! The clothing is quality made and fashionable too! One thing I really need is a new sweater that can easily be layered. I love the Women's Cable-Knit Tie-Belt Cardigan! I love that its nice enough to take to work or wear with a … [Read more...]

Despicable Me DVD Available 12.14.10

In our home we have been dying to see Despicable Me! When the Despicable Me DVD arrived my kids were so excited that we immediately set a time to watch it. We had seen the previews when it had been in the theaters but had never made it. So we had been eagerly anticipating the release of the DVD. In a happy suburban neighborhood surrounded by white picket fences with flowering rose bushes, sits a … [Read more...]