Our Favorite Shoes are UMI Shoes! {Win a $60 #GiftCard!!}

Even though Sawyer is two and a half already (where did time go?!?!), he's still not completely steady on his feet. There are times when if he doesn't slow down he will still wipe out. It's important to me that when he's wearing shoes that they fit him well and support his growing feet. That's why since he first needed shoes we turned to Umi Shoes. They are cute and fashionable but they are also … [Read more...]

UMI Shoes Make Our Outfits Rock! {Review & $60 Gift Card #Giveaway}

Oh how I have fun dressing my little boy. The older two won't let me touch their wardrobe so I'm enjoying every minute of it since it's my last chance. He has so many cute outfits and I love when places like Gymboree and Carter's have collections because I can invest in multiple pieces of clothing to pull together a full range of outfits. When I spend so much money on making him look great I want … [Read more...]

Back to School with UMI Shoes Fashionable Kids Shoes {$60 Gift Card Giveaway} #B2S

Sawyer has been my little fashion baby. I've had so much fun finding adorable clothing for him to wear and all those adorable little outfits need just as cute shoes to match! One of my most favorite brands for him to wear is UMI Shoes. They have fit his feet the best and they've also held up to all the falling, crawling, and running all around. What I love about UMI Shoes is the personality … [Read more...]

Toddler Boys Spring Sandals from UMI Shoes! {Review & Giveaway}

In the past Sawyer has gone from crawling only to stumbling to figuring out how to run. Along this journey he has also become obsessed with shoes. He loves his shoes and always wants them on. If you take a look down my instagram feed you'll notice one thing in common. He's always wearing UMI Shoes! He goes back and forth between his Wheelie Shoes to his Carrter Sandals. Both these shoes are our … [Read more...]

UMI Shoes Style this Holiday Season Review & $60 Gift Card Giveaway!

Johnny was so easy to dress. Whatever I gave him he wore. He's still kind of like that in a sense as long as I keep it athletic. Gavin on the other hand is really picky with anything he wears. He has a say with everything that he wears. If he has visually approved it it still has to get his seal of approval comfort wise. Gavin doesnt like anything stiff, hard, or time consuming to put on. As a mom … [Read more...]