Meet Charlie. His Story.

This time last week a dog was no where on our radar. Well, at least not mine. It all started Saturday. My husband woke up and announced he was done sitting home. He couldn’t handle it any longer. My husband had surgery last Monday and was down for the count recovering. He is a workaholic and was dying just sitting around. We all got ready and decided to run some errands. Remember that fridge we received? Well, as nice as it is we can’t get the smell out of it since it was left off and closed for a little bit of time. We ran to Petco for some charcoal from the fish department and from there it began.

“We want a pet” is how the cries began. The boys quickly came together and locked on persistently. They began to tell us all the reasons a pet would be such a wonderful idea. Some valid, some just absurd. Hubby was SO against it that I took it as my chance to be good mom since I always get to play mean mom and made it clear that MOM would LOVE a pet. Little did I know we’d be going from guinea pig to dog.

If you know me you know I’m not a fan of dogs. In fact, if you bring your dog near me I’ll ask you keep it away. I swear they sense my dislike for them and take that as a cue to jump on me and slobber. I know getting bit by one when I was a kid probably has a lot to do with it too. The boys knew the only breed of dog I’d ever agree to was a teacup yorkie. I wonder if they really count as dogs considering that the guinea pig is probably bigger. Next thing I knew daddy was excited and reading the paper and on google looking for local breeders.It was happening before I could figure out what was happening. Next thing I knew we were sneaking out of the super bowl party at half time to go meet a littler of Morkie puppies. I was determined to get a girl IF we were going to get a dog. Being in a house of a boys at least this time I could pick.

Then I saw this face.

We didn’t really get a say because when we walked in the door he picked us. He wasn’t over the top crazy and he was friendly and loving all in one without being obnoxious or overly hyper. His sister however shook like crazy when we picked her up and wanted nothing to do with us. When we put her down she either hid or just looked at us making sure to keep our distance.

We left without any puppy that night so we could talk about things and not make a snap choice. It was a good thing because we wanted him.Β  We left there wishing we had a way to get him. We had no means of getting him the things he needed so late on a Sunday night. We quickly went into planning mode on how we would get him the very next day.

The very next morning Hubby took care of everything that would require getting the dog and getting him home. I prepared the house by going to the pet store and getting the basic things he needed like a collar, leash, etc. I cleaned the house and got anything he could eat, chew, or choke on off the floor.

We planned Hubby’s arrival with him shortly after they got off the bus. He let him go at the door and waited until one of the kids found him. Gavin first saw him and about freaked out. He started screaming and the poor dog was so scared. Johnny came flying around the corner and went into complete shock.

He’s been a very good boy. He’s doing well with the training we’ve been doing with him and the kids just absolutely adore him. Believe it or not. I adore him. Me, you know the one who can’t stand dogs. I’m his biggest cheerleader.

We love you Charlie. Welcome to the family.

{I finally broke out the new DSLR!!! What a difference!}


  1. He’s going to be such a sweet companion for all of you. I’m glad you fell in love with that little face of his!

  2. He is absolutely adorable. And yes, even small dogs are dogs. The all love the same things (my 7 lb pomeranian used to come on 5km runs with me)

  3. Adam says

    Beautiful puppy! Makes me want to get one now…

  4. Sky says

    OMG. Charlie has a face that can melt hearts! Sooo cute!

  5. What a cutie!! I love that the boys just found him in the house πŸ˜€ That’s a great way to surprise them!

  6. Annie says

    He is absolutely Adorable! And what a great way to surprise the kids. It looks like you will all enjoy eachotehr.

  7. Oh he’s adorable! I can see why you would easily fall in love with him. We don’t have any dogs now, but if we were looking, I’d definitely look into this breed too.

  8. Jenny says

    He’s so cute! Isn’t it great when animals pick you out? When we got both of our cats, I had a different one in mind, but the right one came to us both times! They are the best cats ever!

  9. libbie trott says

    Love your story! Maybe because I love my Morkie too.


  10. Oh. Dear. Lord….LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!

    I can see how he is adored by all-That little furry face just commands adoration xD

  11. He’s absolutely adorable, Jennifer, and I’m so glad you love him, given your usual feelings about dogs. Have fun with your new kiddo πŸ™‚

  12. Jackie says

    He is absolutely adorable! How could you not fall in love with that face? Enjoy him!

  13. That has got to be the cutest puppy I’ve seen in the longest time. My mom had poodles my whole life & they’re cute, but not as cute as yours. I’m so glad the training is going so well. That’s the thing I worry about if we got a puppy. I know that was just a really good decision for your family. That puppy was just fate! It so fits right in. CONGRATS AGAIN!

  14. Awe! Look at that sweet face. πŸ™‚ It’s meant to be.

  15. Now that is one adorable puppy. What a big sweetie. Now I just want to cuddle him a bit….congratulations on the new addition to your family.

    And LOVE the new camera!

  16. I love Charlie! He has such a sweet face, and I’m so glad he found his forever home with you πŸ™‚

  17. Karen Lynch says

    Cute puppy. Have fun with him.

  18. This is the most adorable puppy ever!!

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