Wordless Wednesday – Night & Day Difference

I finally got Charlie groomed. This is what he looked like when we got him: This s what he looked like last week: This is what he looks like today: Can you see how I almost thought they gave me back a different dog? ONLY Wordless/Wordful related posts should be linked here. No giveaways or other posts. It must link directly to your WW post not you main page. Any links not going … [Read more...]

Meet Charlie. His Story.

This time last week a dog was no where on our radar. Well, at least not mine. It all started Saturday. My husband woke up and announced he was done sitting home. He couldn't handle it any longer. My husband had surgery last Monday and was down for the count recovering. He is a workaholic and was dying just sitting around. We all got ready and decided to run some errands. Remember that fridge we … [Read more...]

{Meet Charlie} Our Newest Family Member!

I know you've been awaiting the arrival of Sawyer and you saw the title and wondered to yourself who the heck Charlie is. Did we change our mind on the name? Did he come too soon? What's going on? Well, Charlie isn't the baby boy we're expecting next month! He's the puppy we brought home yesterday! Meet Charlie! Isn't he adorable? He's a Morkie and he's three months old. A Morkie is a Maltese … [Read more...]