Disney Music Gift Card (Review)

I have a special place in my heart for all things Disney.  I grew up watching all Disney movies, and watched the Little Mermaid so many times I broke the VHS (ya know, the tape things before DVD's).  Now I get to enjoy all the Disney classics with my kids, and love all the new stuff Disney keeps coming up with.  Some of my son's favorite TV shows are on Disney Junior.  I just can't say enough good … [Read more...]

Name Art’s Personalized Gifts {Review & #Giveaway}

Helping your kids learn to read their name is a great first step to reading!  It also is super useful when they are in school or go to day care.  My 4 year old son, Hayden is OBSESSED and so proud of anything that has his name on it.  He loves reading his name.  Which is why we have absolutely loved Name Art products. NameArt.com is a leading provider of personalized name art gifts for … [Read more...]

SafetyTat’s Multi 6 Pack Quick Stick Write-On! {Review & Giveaway}

There are a few things that make me super anxious when I think about my kiddos.  One of them is having one of my kids get lost.  I think every mom has had it happen for at least a split second.  You are at Target, look down at your kiddo and... they are gone! Your heart jumps into your throat and you have that I'm going to puke feeling...and "ILL SAVE YOU MOMMY!" as that sweet child jumps out of a … [Read more...]

BIC Soleil Shave & Trim and Soleil Bella Giveaway {FIVE Winners}

If your a busy mom raise your hand... *raises both hands.  Hi, I'm Megan and I live in the land of one shaved leg.  I think you may have seen me but we avoided eye contact out of embarrassment that we both had lived there too long.  I'm going to be honest here ladies, since having my second baby my personal hygiene is well...scary.  I wait for the perfect time for Hayden to be deep in play with … [Read more...]

National Geographic Kids 2014 Almanac {Review & Giveaway 2 Winners!) Plus, Kindle Giveaway!

I have talked about my super cute little man a little bit before.  He is insanely handsome, loves jokes, creative, super sweet and really, really smart!  The kid is only 4 ½ and is already starting to read and spell.  He loves reading and loves facts.  The other day in the car I was speechless when he pointed out a bird and said “hey mom is that a peregrine falcon? When they dive they fly really … [Read more...]

The Zen Swaddle for Baby {Review & Giveaway}

I was so impressed with the Zen Swaddle™ by Nested Bean. It is designed to give your baby the sensation that they are being held.  The blanket is lightly weighted in three spots.  One spot is a cute little bird on the top where their chest is and two spots on the sides.  The lightly weighted areas are to give the feeling where your hands would be when you are snuggling your sweet baby.  It is also … [Read more...]

Farberware 3-Piece Open Skillet Set {Review & Giveaway}

I love to cook and bake.  There is something so therapeutic about trying out a new recipe, and tasting as you go along; adding a little of this and that to eventually have a delicious end result. (Especially if the end result includes chocolate!)  Or cooking and eating that meal you have had a million times, but there is something so comforting about it you make it over and over.  Mmmmm... Yes I … [Read more...]

Buddy and The Nature Trackers from Readers Digest Children’s Books {Review & Giveaway}

My 4 year old son, Hayden, is busy.  Super busy and super smart.  He loves imagining and pretending.  I am often not "mommy," but a robot, super spy, or a train conductor.  His favorite new thing to be is a "master of disguise."  I love it; I love that he is using his brain and being so creative.  It is difficult sometimes finding things to keep his brain going though, and encouraging him to learn … [Read more...]

Summer Infant Resting Up Napper {Review & Giveaway}

I thought I was so ready and prepared before having my second baby.  Since my son is almost 4 and a half I knew I would be a little rusty with the baby stuff.  But, this wasn't my first baby, I totally knew what I was doing and it was all going to be so much easier.  Uhh... ya, WRONG!  wrong, wrong, I couldn't have been more wrong.  My daughter is already so much different than my son.  They have … [Read more...]