Bebe au Lait Premium Muslin Snuggle Blankets (Our Favorite Blanket Ever!)

Halli has always been my blanket girl. She loves blankets, but she is particular about the ones she loves and wants to really snuggle with. Bébé au Lait has always been one of my favorite baby brands, and I'm only sad I didn't know about the brand sooner! We have a few of their products like the nursing cover, towels, and swaddle blankets. We have loved all of them! During the Summer I don't … [Read more...]

Bébé au Lait Muslin Collection – Swaddle Set {Review}

I have loved Bébé au Lait products ever since I was first able to review one of their nursing covers.  You can find that review HERE.  We also have a Bébé au Lait towel for Halli and it is by far our favorite towel at bath time.  When Bébé au Lait came out with a new muslin collection I was so excited.  Halli loves blankets.  She never liked a pacifier and has always preferred a blanket to help … [Read more...]

Bébé au Lait Chateau Silver Nursing Cover with Lille Hooded Towel {Review & Giveaway}

My sweet little Halli is 4 months old now... See look.... I know right?! Could she be any cuter?!  *sigh.... oh my heart... ANYWAY! I am also ridiculously proud that we have been successfully breastfeeding!   This may not be super exciting to some people, but for me especially this is a HUGE accomplishment.  With my son breastfeeding was rough.  I did not enjoy it at all, he ate all the … [Read more...]

Lille Fishies Boy Everyday Luxury Blanket by Bebe au Lait {Review & Giveaway}

I first was introduced to Bebe au Lait about three years ago and was soon in love with their products. I started off with their towels and then moved on to their nursing covers, burp clothes and so on. Not a single product has disappointed me. Right now for myself I am completely loving my Hooter Hiders Ruffle Nursing Cover in the nest pattern. Not only is it functional but it's so pretty! Then I … [Read more...]

Bebe au Lait Deluxe Gift Set Review & Giveaway

I have been a huge fan of Bebe au Lait for a couple years now. In those short years I've been lucky enough to review several of their products and have truly loved each and every one of them! They really do know what works and what doesn't and they haven't forgotten that you want to look good while doing it. What especially stands out to me with Bebe au Lait is their quality. They are above and … [Read more...]

# B2B Bebe au Lait – Baby Hooded Towel {Review & Giveaway

Bebe au Lait is one of the first companies I started reviewing with. Right from the start I fell in love with the great patterns and great selection of products. The very first item that I reviewed with them was their toddler towel. Sadly they no longer carry the toddler sized towels on their site. We use our often and even though it is over a year old it is still in as just as good quality as … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Special at Bebe au Lait!

Right now Bebe au Lait is having a special promotion in honor of all Mother's! They have a great selection of nursing covers, hooded towels, bibs, gift sets, and more! What a great gift for any new Mom. They have many different coordinating patterns sure to fit any Mother's taste like the Hot Dots I have shown here. Perfect for Spring! Make sure to place an order before May 11 because with all … [Read more...]