Chuggington Has Some Safety Tips for You this Halloween!


I'm so excited that its Halloween but remember in all the fun we all need to stay safe! Chuggington and I want all of you to have a Traintastic Halloween filled with fun and of course photos but we want your little ones to know that safety always comes first! With more people on the streets and sidewalks than ever before, it is important to teach your trainee proper traffic safety procedures to … [Read more...]

Where’s Waldo Dog Costume and Childs Ghostbuster all from


I'm such a procrastinator lately it's horrible. One thing I've learned now is that Halloween Costumes fly off shelves. Who knew? Well, now I'm telling you. It's also a lot harder to find specific items when your kids already know what they want in advance. Gavin, for instance, likes to do his own thing. He just loved this Ghostbuster Child Costume the moment he saw it.  I ain't afraid of no … [Read more...]

{Wordful Wednesday} Halloween Party!


Last Friday night was our schools annual Halloween party! As always the kids, myself and my best friend Kelly were there! Johnny was the disco prince and everyone there thought he rocked it! Gavin was our little Ghost Buster! Sawyer was a Dr. trying to figure out his diagnosis. He thought about it really hard. Eureka! It's baby fever! ONLY Wordless/Wordful related posts should be … [Read more...]

My Little Monster.


I forgot how much fun it is to put a little baby in a costume. Johnny was giraffe and Gavin was a skeleton. With Sawyer I wanted something that was still super adorable but something that could handle our crazy autumn weather here in New England. If it was cool I could put a sweatshirt underneath nothing but a onesie. I went to Wholesale Halloween Costumes when it came time to find something … [Read more...]

Let Wilton Make Your Halloween A Bit More Spooktacular! {$65+ Giveaway!}


I love this time of year. Not because of the temperature outside because I'm no fan of the cold but because the holidays are all starting to fall upon us. I love this time of year because of all the decorating of my home and all the celebrations we have with friends and family. From school to home to work we are all planning fun events and well I love being the one to step up and say 'We'll make … [Read more...]

Decorate Your Home with PartyLite’s Spooky Eyes Hurricane {Review}


I love PartyLite. Like looooooove PartyLite. I generally throw a party every year to stock up on all my candle and home decor needs. By just having a few friends over for a few hours to have some good food and fun all while they do some great shopping. At the end you are left with credits towards a whole bunch of free products! I just adore these Symmetry Pillar Holders that I reviewed a few … [Read more...]

{Wordful Wednesday} Halloween Decor


I have been chasing my own tail since the birth of Sawyer. I'm finally starting to catch up both at home and here on my blog. Today I got part of a review in. As I opened it up and set it all up I realized I was also behind in pulling out my holiday decor. Isn't it pretty? So down into the basement I went to get both my autumn and Halloween decor. I still have some more decorating to do … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Halloween!


I can't believe Halloween is only a few days away! I wanted to share a few related photos from the past week! Here is a photo from the night time party at the school. There was a scavenger hunt and you had to find certain teachers dressed up to get prizes. Of course I showed up in costume too!   Plus I finally set this area up and I remembered I promised you a photo! This is the front … [Read more...]

B2B: Corner Stork Baby Gifts & More Giveaway!


Gavin was born in the summertime so when it came to finding a costume for him it wasn't the easiest thing. While many of the costumes were absolutely adorable they were impractical as they weren't comfortable for him at all. Finding an outfit that was close to his everyday wear was a great idea but nearly impossible to find. Now at Corner Stork Baby Gifts & More has a bunch of adorable … [Read more...]

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