{Wordful Wednesday} Halloween Party!

Last Friday night was our schools annual Halloween party! As always the kids, myself and my best friend Kelly were there!

Johnny was the disco prince and everyone there thought he rocked it!

Gavin was our little Ghost Buster!

Sawyer was a Dr. trying to figure out his diagnosis.

He thought about it really hard.

Eureka! It’s baby fever!

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  1. If they aren’t the cutest! I’m not sure what I love more. The disco prince is so creative! My boys pick the same darn costumes almost every year. I love that Gavin can appreciate the Ghost Busters and that doctor, well, he is the cutest doctor I have ever seen!

  2. The boys look so cute! I love the one of all of you!

  3. They look so darn cute, all three of them. (But hellooooo, your oldest is getting some facial hair big time!)

  4. Oh they are all so cute!! I love the Ghost Buster!

    But, you didn’t dress up!

  5. Jenny says

    That is the cutest baby costume! Of course the baby in it makes it even more adorable!

  6. Oh my gosh – I cant even PICK a cutest!! They all look awesome! Soooooo cute!!!

  7. Jenny Lloyd says

    the boys costumes ROCK! johnny makes a great disco prince, i love gavin’s ghost buster costume and sawyer is the most adorable doctor i have ever seen. thanks for sharing!

  8. I think I died a wee bit when I saw baby S in his get up…So. darn. CUTE!!!
    I love the disco prince and the Ghostbuster, too 🙂

    You guys ALL rocked those costumes!

  9. Katie S says

    All three are awesome! I think Sawyer gets cuter every day!

  10. Totally, totally adorable! All three great costumes and too too cute!

  11. Mimi says

    Seriously love all 3 of the boys’ costumes! lol Our Halloween night is this week I think. Still waiting to find out from my son.

  12. I love all of their costumes! And your captions on Sawyer’s pictures are hilarious. Love it.

  13. Lolo says

    Looks like a fun party. Cute costumes!

  14. What great costumes on all of the kids. My favorite is the ghost buster…. but where was your costume? 😉

  15. lol I love your captions! The kids are adorable as always 🙂

  16. All the costumes are great. I especially like Johnny’s.

  17. Dee says

    LOL! These are great! We have a party Friday night and of course, hubs has to work!

  18. Carolyn G says

    They all look so good. Of course, baby Sawyer is my favorite.

  19. HA! Love your little Dr! And the other two had great costumes too, love the fro haha!

  20. they all look great but Sawyer is seriously to die for cute in that costume!!

  21. Those are just the cutest costumes!

  22. Those are really great costumes! I love Sawyer’s, it’s so cute!

  23. Rosey says

    Everyone looks great, and I love the family picture!

  24. Rebecca Orr says

    All three boys look great!!! Awesome costumes!

  25. I love it! That doctor costume on Sawyer is ADORABLE.

  26. Katie says

    they all look awesome!

  27. Very cool costumes and OMG with the cutest baby boy ever! Looks like so much fun!

  28. Awesome hair man!

  29. Anne says

    Love the hair, very impressive!

  30. Hahaha! I love the disco prince. All three of them have cute costumes not common ones either. We have my sons school party tomorrow I’m so excited!

  31. Jen says

    OMG – I can’t stand the cuteness of Sawyer!

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