Decorate Your Home with PartyLite’s Spooky Eyes Hurricane {Review}

I love PartyLite. Like looooooove PartyLite. I generally throw a party every year to stock up on all my candle and home decor needs. By just having a few friends over for a few hours to have some good food and fun all while they do some great shopping. At the end you are left with credits towards a whole bunch of free products! I just adore these Symmetry Pillar Holders that I reviewed a few … [Read more...]

{Wordful Wednesday} Halloween Decor

I have been chasing my own tail since the birth of Sawyer. I'm finally starting to catch up both at home and here on my blog. Today I got part of a review in. As I opened it up and set it all up I realized I was also behind in pulling out my holiday decor. Isn't it pretty? So down into the basement I went to get both my autumn and Halloween decor. I still have some more decorating to do … [Read more...]

$190 Rustic Giving Tree Multi Candle Holder Review & Giveaway! Stunning PartyLite Christmas Decor!

You already know that I have a love for all things PartyLite. They are known for their awesome candles but if you aren't familiar with the brand just yet you just need to realize that they are so much more. They have so many beautiful home decor pieces. I have something PartyLite in almost every room in my home. Did you know you can host a party in your own home and earn free products? I will … [Read more...]

Amazing Fall PartyLite Gift Set Valued Up To $166! Review

Did I ever tell you that before I had Gavin I was a Partylite consultant? I actually did several home party related consulting and PartyLite was by far my favorite. If I had the time I would consider doing it again. I didn't struggle selling it as it's pieces are stunning and worth every penny and having a show takes practically no work at all. In fact working is more like social entertainment. If … [Read more...]

PartyLite – Special Out of Catalogue Exclusive Margarita Gift Set! Review & Giveaway!

Have you ever been invited to a PartyLite party? Have you ever hosted a show yourself? If you have you know exactly how great their products and candles are! You also know of all the great guest and host specials they offer. Their candles are made with paraffin wax and what this means for you is that there is no black smoke or residue left behind like with other popular name brand candles … [Read more...]