Autumn & Halloween Home Decor Ideas {My Tips & Tricks}

I need some motivation right now. My kids are finally back in school and my list of To-Do’s is bigger than ever! I’m usually behind in everything I’m doing so last year when I finally sat down to write this post I realized it was time to take down the Christmas tree. So to get myself in the spirit of this and review how I had things last year I thought it was time to share how I decorate my home for fall and Halloween and hopefully in the next week my house will be there too.

This window is a big decoration spot for me. Somehow my kids have never gone after my decor and they have just left it alone over the years. I always get my favorite photos in the fall so it’s often when you’ll find the most photos of my family around the house.

I’ve found that investing in some key pieces that are multi-purpose and quality made will be useful and cost effective in the long run. My Symmetry Pillar Holders from PartyLite (below) are one of those key pieces to me. These can be used as seen but I use them as long stem vases all summer long. Love them!

You can fill them with pretty much anything. Since I try to be frugal I use the same things over year after year to fill them. I store them in plastic gallon bags with the air sucked out when stored. I bought a garland of the flowers and popped them all off as a big money saver! I also bought $1 bags of popping corn from to fill things around the house. It lasts forever!

I even stick my Energizer LED Candles in them. The candles have timers on them so I can just place them and forget about them. The batteries last forever too. The lamp is more PartyLite of course! Watch this change year round too!

Every year I pick up a few knick knacks when I shop around. One of my favorite places to shop for really cute items on the cheap is Michaels. Isn’t this little owl adorable?

I also used some leaves I plucked off garlands and a few scrapbooking decorations. The glittery twigs are cheap wreath insets and I just hide the stems. I don’t cut them in case later down the round I want to change things up and decide to use them differently.

I love frames. Not just any frames but big bulky frames. Often these frames are expensive but if you look at TJ Maxx you’ll find steals like this one I got for about $5. At that price I don’t feel guilty wrapping them up and putting them away either.

It really makes it more personal including photos in. This frame is also from TJ Maxx for around the same price. The beaded pumpkin is another Michaels find.

I try to have fun kid friendly projects that are holiday themed. Johnny’s really outgrowing it but still likes to be included. I bought these at Michaels in the $1 section. I’ll be showing you a homemade version shortly.

I could easily make my own banner (and it’s a project on the to-do list!) but for now I just use a Martha Stewart one I picked up. Another Michael’s find. She’s got several patterns.

My favorite part doesn’t get added until Halloween and that’s my spider silhouettes. I’ve blogged about these several times. I always lose a few each year and I replace the black yarn each year too. These make a huge difference for the whole room. I love them!

Cool, aren’t they? I even added red rhinestones. It took them and made them even better!

They really make the room. See how big they are?

Did you notice the cute sign? Gavin made that a few years ago. Another cute $1 Michaels craft find ๐Ÿ™‚ On the back I wrote the date too to help remember years from now.

To finish off my dining room I use some spider webbing and spiders. These were actually dollar store finds. I couldn’t find little spiders and ended up buying spider rings and cutting the backs off. I paid a little extra at Michaels for a few bigger ones and stuff one of those in here.

Here’s my dining room somewhat in stages. It’s missing the mights and the frames here. Those were last years late add-ons and I forgot to take a full picture again. Oh if it wasn’t super late at night I’d probably be dragging the boxes out right now.

Here’s my table setting. I love it and it was fairly inexpensive. I bought it all (every piece!!) from Walmart for $100ish. I got 6 settings even though I only layout 4. I just wanted to have an even set since I was preggers with Sawyer when I got it.

The set is part of the Better Homes and Gardens series they put out every year. They had the same pieces out last year again. I grabbed the table cloth and table runner then.

I finish the room off with this area. I keep a candy bowl out for all the candy coming in and out. I have more glass partylite and use it to help decorate again by adding more fun little stuffers like decorative ribbons, candles, and candy corn.

Another favorite spot in my home is my front foyer area. It’s what greats our guests. The big large canvas print I got from Easy Canvas Prints is a huge eye catcher and always gets compliments. I’ve made a few of these and placed them around my home. Easy Canvas Prints is my go to place with a gallery wrap. It’s stunning, you won’t be disappointed!

I try to move things around. I use one of the baskets to store some of the more used basic pieces that I use when there isn’t a holiday to celebrate. All the Halloween decor pieces are from either Michael’s. I love using table runners to help dress areas up. I have found all my table runners at TJ Maxx for $12.99. Remember if you see holiday decor while you are shopping that if you really like it, buy it. Stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and TJ Maxx can’t order holiday items. Whatever comes in on shipments is what they are getting.

Do you love decorating for the holidays? Have any special tips to share?

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  1. Emilie says

    Your decor looks fantastic! Love all the little details. Wanna come over and do my dining room? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Beautiful! I’m totally going to use the popcorn idea. I did very little seasonal decorating last year, so I’m excited for this year.

  3. MaryAnn says

    Really cute ideas. I love decorating for the seasons and holidays.

  4. I’m in awe.. I just love your window. I’m going to try to do some of these things too! I think M will have fun helping me ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Looks fabulous, sadly my kids do not leave my decor alone so I am still very limited in what I can do!

  6. Love it!!! I can’t wait to decorate this year – but we have moved around so much, we barely have any decor. I’m going to check out your suggestions and try to make some stuff, too. Not sure about those spiders though…. EEEK!!! Haha. Maybe I’ll do bats!

  7. Christine Mayfield says

    I am a big Party Lite fan and love your ideas of using the pillar holders. I should get motivated to decorate for fall but sadly I am not when the temperature is still in the 100’s =)

  8. Oh wow, your house is so beautifully decorated. I’ll admit that we do very little in fall decorations…although we do have a scarecrow up….from last year:)

  9. Wow my home looks pathetic compared to your decor. Absolutely fabulous mama!!!

  10. EJ (Jane) says

    I love the holidays & decorating for them. I put out photo frames from Halloween past. Brings back tons of memories

  11. The whole setup looks wonderful. If there was a Michael’s in my area, I’d go broke. You’re right, Easy Canvas Prints has great quality canvas prints.

  12. You are so crafty!

  13. Jenny Lloyd says

    i LOVE the PartyLite Symmetry Pillar Holders – i want them! and i love, love, love the spider silhouettes and i have the perfect place to put them. thanks for sharing your decorations! i am ready to go decorate for fall and hope for cooler weather

  14. Nolie says

    I am sooo excited for fall. It is my favourite season. The smells, the colours, the crispness in the air. I love it all.

  15. Barnolds Barnes says

    I really like those candle holders because you can fill them with different things according to the seasons. I’m just buying my first home so I need super frugal ideas.

  16. julie says

    great ideas love the spiders, the rhinestones were a cute touch

  17. shelly peterson says

    Wow it all looks so great! You have some awesome ideas! I usually just decorate for Christmas, I guess I’m too lazy for anymore than that lol.

  18. Michelle S says

    Haha the owls are so cute! Such neat ideas to pass along to your readers!

  19. joelle says

    Oh my goodness! Your house looks simply amazing! Thanks for all the recommendations- I’ll definitely check some of these things out haha!

  20. Ella says

    Halloween not only brings lots of yummy candy, trick or treating, parties, and festive costumes but it’s a chance to decorate home and get into the Fall and Autumn spirit! Thanks for Cute Halloween decorations and inspiring crafts.

  21. Maria Iemma says

    I just love your window decorations – it looks beautiful. So simple to do yet very creative. You have inspired me to start my decorating.

  22. susan h says

    Thanks for the heads up on Easy Canvas Prints. I love your fall decor – esp the filled candles.

  23. Kimberly M. says

    I love how you decorated. It is so fun. My grandchildren would love it. I use to decorate for my own children but have got away from it due to living on a fixed income because of being disabled but I would love to get back into it. These ideas are inexpensive, fun, and they would love them. Thank you for the tips.

  24. Maria Iemma says

    Very creative. I love the way you used regular household items to fill the candlesticks. I am definitely copying this idea. Thanks!

  25. I am a Partylite Consultant and I just love how you decorated our pieces and everything around it. Just beautiful!

  26. Jean says

    I need to check out PartyLite. I love the pillars and the lamp. They are very classic pieces and it’s so simple to change out the contents to match the occasion/season.

  27. I wish my home looked this nice. Beautiful decor!

  28. Vickie Couturier says

    somehow I missed this post during the season,but will keep it stored for next year,,you did a awesome job decoriating

  29. Linda Manns Linneman says

    I love these fall decorating ideas and now that I am semi retired I am going to put these ideas to use in my home. Thank you for sharint

  30. I am in LOVE with your home right now. Love all the Fall decorations and ideas. The popcorn candles do they smell it as it heats up or does it just give a shiny light?

  31. Ashley Miller says

    Im not very crafty and was just talking to my husband about looking for some easy DIY autumn crafty decor for our newly purchased home. Thanks for this.. its just what I needed! =)

  32. G K says

    I love the use of corn kernels. I also love the spiders coming down the winders. Nice touch!

  33. Kimberly Flickinger says

    I love this time of year and I love these ideas, so creative. Thank you for sharing.

  34. Cheryl Everitt says

    Well, this year my brain has finally turned to mush. I am no longer creative, but thanks to you I have some wonderful ideas.

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