Best Bupcake Carrier Ever!

Cupcake carriers...every Mom should have one! If you have ever had to figure out how to get 24 cupcakes into a class room before you know what I'm talking about! This cupcake carrier can carry 36 cupcakes or one tall cake! Here are the cupcakes I made for my oldest son's boy scouts the other night! They were a huge hit! Here is the carrier with all the cupcakes inside it ready to go! All I … [Read more...]

Make Me Some Babies!

So I found this on PinkPotpourri's Blog and thought is was cute and would try it out. These were my babies: Girl #1: Girl #2 Boy #1 Boy #2 Obviously neither boy actually even looks close to my boys....but it was fun to try! … [Read more...]

No way Jose! That hurts!

So, yesterday was the start of my Humira injections. I actually have been looking forward to this. I had done the rounds with the Enbrel injections and thought they would be similar in style. A needle is a needle right? WRONG! The Enbrel were in regular syringes and you stuck the needle, pushed in the meds, and you were done. Ha! Not Humira! See those things in the pic that look like they are … [Read more...]

Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Today is my 2 year wedding anniversary with my hubby! I can't believe it has been 2 years already! Although we have been together since I was a freshman in high school I can't get over how the time flies! Here are some shots from our very special day! Our wedding party! Hoochie Bride LOL! My most favorite pics of my boys! I had just given birth to my lil booger. Our wedding was previously … [Read more...]

Out of this WORLD! Gavin’s Rocket Ship Bedroom!

So, I went on this major cleaning thing yesterday. I started around 2pm and ended at 1am!!! My house is so nice and clean but I'm sure it will be a mess again by Wednesday! My town does this huge consignment thing 2x a year, I usually put my stuff in it and volunteer a shift. This ended up being this past Friday. I was sick of tripping all over the infant toys my son hasn't played with in the … [Read more...]

Gas Prices: We Should Compare Notes!

So, here's what I paid when I went to the pump this morning. I know that gas prices are amazingly and drastically ranging around the country right now. Luckily here in Western MA things haven't gotten too crazy since Hurricane Ike. Especially since I drive a gas guzzling Jeep Liberty that only gets 16 mpg, but it's still better than hubby's F150 King Ranch that only gets 13 mpg!!! Of course you … [Read more...]

Don’t forget!

[Read more...]

Halloween Costumes that are Just Batty!

This is the costume I bought my 2 year old last night. Obviously my boy looks way cuter in it then this kid LOL....I'm partial remember! I originally went there for the red dragon costume since my lil' booger has learned how to "ROAR", but sadly they no longer had his size. Last year we got the Old Navy monkey costume for him and I loved it, especially since the outfit is not only comfortable but … [Read more...]

Look what I won!

Thank you to Silver Rose Designs!!! I won these in a contest on her blog! So make sure to check out her blog!!! She makes great jewelry! You can check out all her items in her Etsy Store here. Thanks again I can't wait to wear them and show them off! … [Read more...]