Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker from Hayneedle! Review & Giveaway!

I learned about Hayneedle about two years ago. I was in awe with the online selection of products they carried. Being a product reviewer I was aware of some similar sites but normally on those sites I learned while they carried a big list of items they had limited choices once you knew what you were looking for. Until you went to Hayneedle. Not only do they have an amazing selection of products … [Read more...]

How to Make Breadcrumbs

Not last Christmas but the Christmas before I just had to have the latest and greatest Cuisinart Food Processor. My most requested meal to make is my yummy Mac & Cheese Recipe and I was sick of the stale tasting breadcrumbs I was putting on my meal each time and wanted to be able to make my own.I always make my breadcrumbs with Pepperidge Farms Bread. I usually buy the Country White but they … [Read more...]

Cuisinart PowerEdge™ 700 Blender – Review & Chocolate Mint Milkshake Recipe

**Updated** This blender stopped working shortly after receiving it. I don't recommend purchasing it as $150 for a blender that breaks down almost immediately is not cool! It didn't even last one summer :( I have a love. That love belongs to Cuisinart. I'm obsessed with their small appliances. Not only do they line my counter tops but my pantry is filled with them as well! I own many of their … [Read more...]

Cuisinart Rice Cooker Plus with Fuzzy Technology – Review!

There is one name it small kitchen appliances you will see all over my kitchen and that name is Cuisinart! It is a name that I personally trust and prefer when investing in new small appliances for my kitchen. I say invest because I believe these little machines are investments. Some of their appliances cost a small penny but they make my cooking experiences easier and faster. They help me prepare … [Read more...]

Cuisinart – Mix It In™ Ice Cream Maker – Giveaway! {CLOSED}

If your like me Cuisinart is already a name your family trusts.Some of my favorite small kitchen appliances are from Cuisinart! My most wanted Christmas present this year was their awesome 14 Cup Food Processor! I also have their Coffee on Demand™ 12-Cup Programmable Maker that is probably one of the best coffee machines ever! I don't have to worry about dealing with a carafe! If your an oldie to … [Read more...]

Best Coffee Maker EVER!

I was never a coffee drinker growing up, I didn't even like the smell. Then in high school I got addicted to Dunkin' Donuts Iced Coffee's. The addiction grew and I went from French Vanilla over to Coconut. About a year ago I got a hot coffee in the drive thru and actually liked it. After $2+ a cup I realized it would be much cheaper to start making it at home every day. I didn't own a coffee … [Read more...]