New Dinner and My Kitchen!

So last night I decided to try something new for dinner! It was Apple Stuffing Pork Chops. Even though none of us really care for stuffing it turned out rather yummy. You layer a pan with apple pie filling than pork chops then stuffing. I served it with brown sugared carrots and whipped mashed potatoes. I don’t like lumps LOL!

I then went crazy cleaning my kitchen and thought since I hardily showed anything when posting pics of my stove (got some soft scrub by the way- it works!!!) So I thought I would show you my new kitchen. This is the view from standing in my dining room. There used to be a wall where the countertop comes out. It’s great to have it gone it opened up the room A LOT!!!

This is standing from the kitchen entrance. Where the coffee pot is there used to be a side door. It made it do the kitchen was really small and you couldn’t fit a dishwasher in. Now we got rid of the door and there is so much room.

My favorite area to prepare stuff. It’s the hidden part by the fridge. Before we redid it the countertop and the window didn’t line up and the counter top was ut out because the window was to low. When we re built the house we made sure everything lined up this time LOL!
Here I am standing in front of my stove and you can see why I am happy that wall is gone!

Standing in the door way entering the dining room from the living room.
Hope you liked my second mini tour of my home 🙂


  1. Boody Babies says

    WOW!!! Your kitchen is beautiful.

  2. JaimeSews says

    Gorgeous! Where do you live – I’m moving there! Your back yard is to die for!! In contrast, my backyard has a single dead evergreen. (Don’t ask me how we killed the evergreen! ROFL!!)

  3. NeaCakes says

    love how your kitchen turned out! I’m sorry the road you had to take to get there, but really, it looks awesome!

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