Ultimate Stovetop Griddle from Frigidaire’s Accessories Review!

When our house burned down a couple years ago I was devastated. Then came the rebuilding. Which meant a new kitchen. Which meant new appliances! I had always wanted a gas range and this was finally my chance. We had gas piped into the house and went looking. I ended up with a Professional Series Frigidaire Dual-Fuel Stove. Meaning it has gas burners on the top and an electric convection oven … [Read more...]

Need Help Cleaning My Gas Range Stovetop!

Ok, posting away today... This is my stove. I love LOVE love my stove. It has a gas range and a convection oven (electric). The bottom drawer is actually a warming drawer but I still use it as a storage drawer. The only thing I can't stand about this stove is cleaning it. It takes forever there are so many pieces to take off and clean individually. Here is an up close of the range. The cast … [Read more...]