WW: Happy Birthday Sawyer!

Sawyers 2nd Birthday #momspotted

I can't believe I still haven't shared any part of Sawyers birthday so far besides his laundry basket photos. For his actual birthday we didn't too much since it was a weekday but we did go out to Friendly's for lunch and Daddy got out of work to join us. Sawyer was pretty happy that his kids meal came with a sundae covered in m&m's. Afterwards we headed over to the mall and went to … [Read more...]

{Wordless Wednesday} Laundry Fun

TWO Sawyer James Laundry Basket Milestone

Last Friday we celebrated Sawyer's birthday! I'll be sharing our day shortly but I wanted to share our cute milestone photos! Remember these? I decided I needed to repeat this and he thought I was funny! I wish I had done it someplace other then a windowless hallway so the lighting wasn't awful though.... I'm glad that he didn't cry the whole time like this: And thought it was just … [Read more...]

{Wordless Wednesday} Sad Face #SawyerJames

Sawyer in Zutano upset.

My little boy got another haircut that completely took him from baby to toddler. With that we've gotten some incredibly adorably sad faces lately that are too cute! Normally, I wouldn't take a picture while he was on time out but he was so sad he had upset me and was staring at the floor with such a sad face. I thought I had hidden around the corner and right as I took it he looked up. It was so … [Read more...]

{Wordless Wednesday} Sawyer’s 1st ER Trip


Oh boy! What a weekend. We almost got through it too. It was 5 minutes past bedtime but Sawyer was playing so contently. What were a few more minutes of him playing really going to do? Well, Sunday night it did quite a bit.  He fell right into his wooden activity cube he was playing with and sliced his forehead pretty good. At first hubby & I weren't sure what to do. The bleeding stopped … [Read more...]

{Wordless Wednesday} Little Boy

Sawyer James

It's this time of year I always put my camera down. I've been really trying to take more photos lately. I have been editing photos like crazy trying to catch up from having the flu and I just can't get over how my baby is such a little boy now. I can't believe that in ONE month he will be TWO! Craziness!   Doesn't he look so big! ONLY Wordless/Wordful related posts should be linked here. … [Read more...]

{Wordless Wednesday} Lashes

Sawyer James Kidorable Lashes

It's always the boys that get the lashes they say.... at least they got them from me. ONLY Wordless/Wordful related posts should be linked here. No giveaways or other posts. It Must link directly to your WW post not you main page. Mister Linky's Magical Widgets -- Easy-Linky widget will appear right here!This preview will disappear when the widget is displayed on your site.For best … [Read more...]

{Wordless Wednesday} Decisions, Decisions


I feel like I just cut my hair and it is already super long again. I love long hair but lately it's just heavy. Of course I'm just getting over the flu where my hair physically hurt I was so sick so I know I need to sit for a bit. But the itch to get it cut is here. Normally, it takes a few years to want to cut my hair again and it's only been a few months. Norm??ally, it's my hubby pushing … [Read more...]

WW {My Dad’s Christmas Tree}


I guess I should get back into my routines right? I know I skipped two weeks of Wordless Wednesday but it's never really wordless, is it? I just really wanted to spend as little time online this holiday season and was basically only on social media via my phone or ipad during that time unless I had something required to do. Everyone always loves my Dad's Christmas Tree and everyone always looks … [Read more...]

#WW Florida Pictures

Naples Florida Beach Birds

When you go on vacation with no kids you come home with very little photos. My camera just wasn't worth taking with us most of the time so I just stuck to Instagram most of the time. However I did take it out when I visited the piers. We never got a good sunset. They would start and then get swallowed by clouds. I'll still take it though. Marco Island bridge water at Naples … [Read more...]