{Wordless Wednesday} Laundry Fun

Last Friday we celebrated Sawyer’s birthday! I’ll be sharing our day shortly but I wanted to share our cute milestone photos! Remember these?

Sawyer James Instagram Laundry Basket Milestone Birthday TWO

I decided I needed to repeat this and he thought I was funny! I wish I had done it someplace other then a windowless hallway so the lighting wasn’t awful though….

Sawyer James Instagram Laundry Basket Milestone Birthday TWO

I’m glad that he didn’t cry the whole time like this:

Sawyer James Instagram Laundry Basket Milestone 11 months crying

And thought it was just silly now. Man, he’s cute!

Sawyer James Instagram Laundry Basket Milestone Birthday TWO

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  1. Awww I love the milestone pictures! He has such a great smile, and has since he was tiny!

  2. Christina says

    He is SO cute… that last picture made me smile (and its been a rough day and night).

  3. Jennifer DaMomme says

    Time sure flies as I remember the early photos of the cutest baby to ever be in my fb stream

  4. I love those! I can’t believe he is TWO already!

  5. Happy Birthday! Wow, he has changed SO much! What a big boy!

  6. alicia k (Petite Pilates Pixie) says

    what cuties! definitely make laundry more fun

  7. Rosey says

    What a little sweetheart!

  8. Love this idea – wish I did it with Mason. Sawyer is adorable!

  9. he is such a little cutie. 🙂 Happy late birthday Sawyer!

  10. Keara B. says

    This is too cute. I just love that you made an everyday item into something so fun and memorable! Happy late birthday to your little guy!

  11. I just can’t believe how much he is grown and that he is already 2! What a cutie.

  12. Sure is a big difference. Once a cutie pie, always a cutie pie though!

  13. He really couldn’t be any cuter! Love the comparison photo and that huge adorable smile!

  14. Cynthia R says

    Everyone loves laundry basket fun! My cats get in them too.

  15. Love that you did those pictures so often. It’s a great way to gauge how fast he’s grown.

  16. vickie couturier says

    really cute,,love the laundry basket for the pictures

  17. Sarah L says

    That’s a fun way to show his growth from little baby to a big guy. Cute idea.

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