Grow Your Garden: Chalkboard Soup Can Herbs {Fun Crafts with Mom}

I was recently shopping in a craft store and saw these cute chalkboard soup cans that were perfect for growing herbs! I knew I could easily recycle some of my own and save myself some pennies for my own soup can herbs. The supplies you need are minimal and I actually didn't have to buy anything I didn't already have on hand to make my own. Supplies Needed: Soup cans (wrapper removed, washed, … [Read more...]

Grandparents Gift Idea: Personalized Potted Plant Kids Craft

Every December I have a whole list of crafts I want the kids to help me make. Some of them even end up as gifts for family members. Gavin really enjoys any kind of drawing and when I found some cheap flower pots at IKEA last month I knew immediately that they would be great for Gavin to decorate and give to his grandparents who like to cook with fresh herbs but can't with our gardens currently … [Read more...]

I’m Addicted to Buying Flowers for my Gardens!

We've been working hard on our landscape for quite a few years now and this was the year to finally start looking around at flowers. Neither of us really know too much about flowers and honestly have avoided them at all costs. We have been gardening vegetables for several years but never flowers. We bought flowering bushes two years ago and not all have survived. Winters are the hardest for us as … [Read more...]

Seed Your Garden with Egg Shells

Some how over the years on Mother's Day weekend I've ended up not seeing my mom on actual Mother's Day but we see each other the entire day before. We went downtown to the big city Farmer's Market and we get a bunch of plants for our yards/gardens and split them up. When we got back we went back to her shed and green house and inside she had a bunch of old egg trays filed with seedlings. Since … [Read more...]

Garden to Kitchen: Fresh Basil Cubes with Garlic & Oil {Recipe}

I can't believe it's fall. I feel like we should still be putting our gardens into the ground not pulling them out. Now that the ground here is frosting and the temps are dipping to freezing we have to start protecting the plants or putting them down. My basil plants were so big and doing so well and I didn't know what to do with them.While making Sawyer's baby food I had a great idea! First I … [Read more...]

Our New Yard

We've finally been putting some love into out porch area and finished the porch up a few weeks ago. My hubby got the lattice up and over the weekend we went out and bought some plants from this awesome plant nursery. It's SO hard figuring out just what we wanted but the people over at the Hadley Garden Center were a huge help!  Doesn't it look great? (Don't mind the review product on the steps … [Read more...]

My DIY Plant Sticks for my Garden

So, my gardens are starting to get the best of me time wise so please pardon any weeds you may or may not see in my garden. I have a lot of plants. With the tags they came with looking like this I was constantly explaining to people what they all were. As you may have heard on facebook this was my first outdoors DIY. I made the mistake of just grabbing the kids washable paint since it was on … [Read more...]

My New Raised Box Herb Garden!

I kinda spilled the beans on this one when my SD card got stuck last week and I was out a Wordless Wednesday picture. I thought since that was such a bad in the dark picture I would show you what my new herb garden is like. You can see it even has a tree growing in it. We didn't want it really narrow so we decided to just go around the tree. I wasn't planning on having such a large herb garden … [Read more...]