Protect Yourself From Harmful Sun Rays This Summer!

It is Summer! My son is finishing up school this week. Temperatures outside are getting hotter and hotter. I am so ready to relax and spend time with my family this summer. Most of our time during the summer is spent outside. We go camping, swimming, hiking, swimming, and more swimming. I am always super concerned about protecting my kids skin while we are running around outside. I always put … [Read more...]

15 Summer Desserts that use Fresh Fruit!

Partnered post on behalf of Glam Media. Check out Fresh Fruit Summer Desserts! by Jennifer MomSpotted at I love how in the summer a lot of our produce comes locally. Here in New England many of the regular fruits we eat are just coming into season and I stop buying produce from our local grocery store and start stopping at the local farm stands. I buy pounds and pounds of fresh fruits … [Read more...]

Walmart Foundation Kicks-Off Summer by Continuing Commitment to Out-Of-School Feeding

Did you know that when school lets out that millions of low-income children who benefit from lunch programs during the school year go without access to meals during the summer? Or that most kids don’t eat the recommended servings of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and exceed the maximum daily intake of sodium? Neither did I. It wasn't until I sat in on a conference call last week to learn … [Read more...]

Simple Strawberry Lemonade Recipe

I get so sick of the same old stuff all the time. All we ever drink in this house is water, milk, or ice tea. Of course the kids have their morning OJ while we drink our coffee but it gets old. I wanted something sweet and something good. The other night we went out to dinner and Gavin ordered some Strawberry Lemonade and wondered just how hard it would be to make. I first headed to Pinterest … [Read more...]

The Most Memorable S’mores Face! #Smores

I can't believe we're in the last month of summer! It feels like just yesterday I was counting down the days until the boys were out of school. Now we're counting the days we have left. We love making the most out of every moment and often ends our days with a nice fire in the backyard. To the kids though it is not just a fire. The moment they see their Dad start gathering wood they are in the … [Read more...]

Magic Cabin $50 Gift Card Giveaway! Super Water Slide Review!

It's summer! Okay so my kids are still in school and the official date of summer hasn't come yet but it's hot. I love the heat and so do my boys. My kids love it because it means the water fun begins. My kids are like fish and only want to do things that require water in the summertime. I love it because water play means my kids are outside getting fresh air and getting exercise. Magic Cabin … [Read more...]

Cheesy Red Potato Recipe! Great For A Summer Picnic Side!

I love having summer picnics but I hate the work that it involves when it comes to food prep and clean up. So when I find a simple and easy side dish in both preparing and clean up and everyone raves about it I know it's a keeper! Line a cake pan with tin foil and preheat your oven for 300. First, cut up a bunch of red potatoes keeping the skins on. Wash them first. Then slice an onion as … [Read more...]

$130+ Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Spring Fun Pack Review & Giveaway from Gummy Lump

I love the Gummy Lump website and I love it even more since I've gotten to know her more through their social networking sites. If you've been following Gummy Lump on Facebook or their blog you know all about their 300 crafts for kids project this year. They have been having so much fun with it all that not only have they inspired me to do more crafting with my boys but they also inspired a recent … [Read more...] Pumponator Balloon Pumping Station {Coolest Ever} Review

I've worked with now on several occasions and while they are known for curiously awesome products. Many of the products I have reviewed from them have been products that I had never previously knew existed but turned out to be some of the coolest products ever.For instance this summer we received the Pumponator Balloon Pumping Station. I knew the moment I saw this that my boys would have … [Read more...]