Cheesy Red Potato Recipe! Great For A Summer Picnic Side!

I love having summer picnics but I hate the work that it involves when it comes to food prep and clean up. So when I find a simple and easy side dish in both preparing and clean up and everyone raves about it I know it's a keeper! Line a cake pan with tin foil and preheat your oven for 300. First, cut up a bunch of red potatoes keeping the skins on. Wash them first. Then slice an onion as … [Read more...]

Buccaneer All-In-One Insulating Tailgating Cooler with Grill Review & Giveaway from Executive Gifts!

I had my first experience with Executive Gifts back in August when i reviewed their Stainless Steel Cigar Cutter with Scissors Swiss Army Knife by Wenger. I was so pleased with my review item knowing it would be the perfect gift for my father in law I knew they would be a great site for Christmas Shopping as well! I have always found men to be difficult to shop for but with Executive Gifts you can … [Read more...]