Melissa & Doug Makes Great Wooden Play Food!

I can't believe how big Sawyer is getting. I feel like it was just yesterday he was born. I love to see the little boy he is becoming and what his likes and interests are. What grabs his attention and what gets him using his imagination. One of his most favorite spots is his play kitchen in his room. He's been playing here since he could stand independently. The problem was he was getting … [Read more...]

Melissa & Doug Terrific Twenty List and Giveaway

Having my three kids almost 6 years apart means I've seen a lot of toys come and go but some of them have lasted through all the years and all the new technologies. Melissa & Doug products are quality products that are often simple yet favorites. When Gavin had all his speech issues his speech therapist often brought her Melissa& Doug toys to use for his sessions. She also recommended we … [Read more...]

$130+ Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Spring Fun Pack Review & Giveaway from Gummy Lump

I love the Gummy Lump website and I love it even more since I've gotten to know her more through their social networking sites. If you've been following Gummy Lump on Facebook or their blog you know all about their 300 crafts for kids project this year. They have been having so much fun with it all that not only have they inspired me to do more crafting with my boys but they also inspired a recent … [Read more...]

$150 Multi-Level Solid Wood Dollhouse from Melissa & Doug Giveaway!

When Gavin was little he didn't talk. We had to put him into speech therapy to work on it. One of the tools that they recommended us purchasing were wooden puzzles. So, of course being the parents we were we went out and bought a ton of puzzles - all of course from Melissa and Doug. The therapists said that repeatedly doing them with him it would encourage him to speak the words when he placed … [Read more...]