Pumponator Balloon Pumping Station {Coolest Ever} Review

I've worked with now on several occasions and while they are known for curiously awesome products. Many of the products I have reviewed from them have been products that I had never previously knew existed but turned out to be some of the coolest products ever.For instance this summer we received the Pumponator Balloon Pumping Station. I knew the moment I saw this that my boys would have … [Read more...] – Big Belly Dinosaur Bank – Giveaway! { CLOSED }

Vat19 is a company I discovered when I first started blogging. I signed up for their newsletter as I was interested in learning about the company and such. I looked through their products and did all the typical things you do to get to know a company. Or so you would think.Vat19 has one of the best personalities for a website that I have ever seen. No doubt they can sometimes be a bit bunt or raw, … [Read more...]

Announcing Multiple Winners!

So, I thought I would take a moment and catch up on some giveaways I owe you guys! So sorry I have been so bad at my postings! Here I schedule all these posts for when I'm away and then go bad on you once I'm back LOL! I've been so busy recleaning the house and baking, gearing up for Gavin's birthday party. Thursday night after work I went to CVS to get my pictures off my memory card because my … [Read more...] All things you said "I wish they made a…." Review and Giveaway! {CLOSED}

Have you ever found yourself doing something and then thought "I wish there was do this!" Well, before you go off trying to invent it you need to check out! They have many unique and creative gift ideas! Plus, I absolutely love their blog! It's hilarious, I love this post! Make sure to check it out after you read this post.WATCHI love this USB Drink Warmer with 4 port USB … [Read more...]