Halloween Safety Tips For Your Family {Plus, Energizer Prize Pack Giveaway}

I love Halloween because to me it's the official kick-off of all the holidays. We have decorations all over the house, and the kids are excited about all the fun community events going on. These days, it's not just one night the children are getting into their costumes. Many schools now host dances, trunk-or-treats, rag shag parades and more. I love that the kids have so many fun … [Read more...]

Preserve Holiday Cheer with Energizer

My husband and I were relatively new parents, and it was our son's second Christmas. He was going to turn two a few days later, and he understood a little bit more what would happen on Christmas. I remember he had a small kitchen and a helicopter that I was super excited for him to open. We started setting up the kitchen on Christmas Eve, and as I was putting on all the little sticker decals, my … [Read more...]

Our 5 Favorite Scholastic Reads this Summer!

I can't believe it's the last day of August. Where has summer gone? Of course I didn't get a chance to do half the things I wanted to do but we did stay busy! We traveled all over New England and spent time on several beaches down the coast, we all went to our very first Red Sox game, and Daddy was even able to take every Wednesday off! It was a great summer and we made so many great … [Read more...]

Sign Up & Start This Years Summer Reading Challenge!

School just ended making it the perfect time to sign up for the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge! Even though we haven't even had a full week off of school I don't want my kids forgetting the importance of reading! Gavin just finished 3rd grade and is the top reader for his entire grade! He worked really hard to get there and letting his reading level slide because school is out is … [Read more...]

Stay Safe with Energizer’s Halloween Safety Tips #PoweringSafety

I have a blast picking out the kids costumes with them. Now that two of my boys are much older I don't get as much of a say as to what they pick but there are a few ground rules. Nothing black. Nothing bloody. I'm not a fan of the blood & gore side of Halloween and I don't like costumes for little kids that are scary. I like fun and safe. I use to have just a no blood rule and then one year we … [Read more...]

Change Your Clocks, Change Your Batteries! {Energizer Giveaway}

Sometimes it feels like it was a lifetime ago and then I go looking for something and it hits me. My house burned down and we lost everything. Everything I owned previously to 2007 sits in a tub out in the shed. It can't come inside because it reeks of smoke and is damaged. They are photos and scrapbooks from years ago I can't bear to part with but can't really keep either. Since that day I've … [Read more...]

Energizer Child Safety Battery Safety! {Prize Pack #Giveaway!}

We go through a lot of batteries each month. It seems like every toy the kids like requires them by the handful. The problem is that now we have a toddler in the house again and at 19 months old he's hit that stage where he's into everything. We are constantly reminding the boys that they need to be really responsible when it comes to taking them out both before and after. Luckily, … [Read more...]

Don’t forget the batteries! Energizer Review & Giveaway!

Every year there is one gift that is a huge hit and a huge dud all in one. Why? Because it required batteries and didn't come with them. As parents we forgot to stock up on batteries and we're left with a toy that isn't working and a kid pretty sad they can't play with their new toy. This year when you head out to stock up on your batteries make sure to grab the Energizer packs that have the … [Read more...]

Be Prepared for an Emergency! $78 Energizer Giveaway!

When it comes to being prepared I'm all for it. Especially in times of weather. One thing I've learned in my life it's that while many things can be controlled- weather is not one of them. I do believe that by doing just a few basic things in advance can really help make the hard times when the storms hit more bearable. Of course many like to point out that you never really know if you are going … [Read more...]