Stay Safe with Energizer’s Halloween Safety Tips #PoweringSafety

I have a blast picking out the kids costumes with them. Now that two of my boys are much older I don’t get as much of a say as to what they pick but there are a few ground rules. Nothing black. Nothing bloody. I’m not a fan of the blood & gore side of Halloween and I don’t like costumes for little kids that are scary. I like fun and safe. I use to have just a no blood rule and then one year we let Johnny be a black ninja. Out in a crowded neighborhood Johnny turned around 5 feet in front of us and we thought he vanished. We couldn’t see him. My husband and I about died when we finally realized he hadn’t moved. We decided right then and there we would never allow another black costume. If we couldn’t see him chances were someone driving a car might not either.

Sawyer baby Dr. doctor costume


Now we pick fun light/bright colored costumes and while we still trick or treat we prefer to really celebrate in a safer surrounding like our schools Halloween party. I can let the kids run a little with their friends and know they are in a safe, well supervised environment.


Energizer knows how we feel as parents and know how much we rely on them to keep us safe while we’re out walking. I know we would love the Energizer® LED Pop Up Lantern with Light Fusion Technology to tag along with us. It’s super simple for little ones to carry too!

Energizer Halloween Safety Tips

  • Plan a trick-or-treat route ahead of time. Create a route that avoids major intersections, but does have safe crosswalks and sidewalks. If there are no sidewalks, be sure to walk facing traffic as far to the left as possible. Always look both ways before crossing any street.

Energizer® LED Pop Up Lantern with Light Fusion Technology

  • Find new ways to celebrate the holiday. Seek out neighborhood “trunk-or-treats” as alternatives to traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating. These events are great for younger children or in neighborhoods that might be difficult to navigate on Halloween night.
  • Keep a portable light on hand (or head). As the sun sets, you don’t want to be caught in the dark. Energizer portable lights ensure you’re ready to hit the streets on Halloween night:
    • Energizer® LED 2 in 1 light Fusion Flashlights – Compact and versatile, Energizer Light Fusion Technology products are convenient, water resistant and provide impressively bright long lasting light—easily seen by drivers and other pedestrians.
    • Headlights – Powerful Energizer LED headlights are lightweight and convenient – perfect for keeping hands free. That way, you may hold your child’s hand, while their other clutches the ever-important candy container. The headlight can even add to or be a part of a costume!
  • Pick the right costume. Choose lightly colored costumes, while avoiding head-to-toe dark selections. Make sure the costume fits properly and shoes are comfortable. If possible, avoid masks and opt for face paint so that vision is not impaired.

Gavin Old Navy Halloween Costume

  • Walk, don’t run. Take your time and walk; don’t run from house to house on Halloween night. Use Energizer portable lights to be aware of decorations or other obstructions in yard and on sidewalks to avoid trips and falls.
  • Be selective. Only visit well-lit houses and avoid stopping at dark houses. Remind your children to stay in groups and never accept rides from strangers or enter homes without a parent or guardian.
  • Charge your devices. Make sure to charge cell phone and ensure that your flashlight has fresh batteries. Energizer® MAX® with Power Seal Technology is long-lasting and no leaks guaranteed*. Use your cell phone for necessary communications (and adorable photos), otherwise keep it in a purse or pocket to avoid distractions.
*Or we will replace your device. See

What are your family’s Halloween must follow safety tips?


  1. Oh my goodness what a handsome little surgeon! He has gotten so big.

  2. You’ve really covered all of the safety rules we have for Halloween night. Except if there’s any white chocolate, Mom has to eat it all just to make sure it’s not poison. 😉

    • I have heard Reeces Peanut Butter Cups are dangerous… so you know, I do my part by picking those out… just to make sure they are safe. 😉

    • Jennifer says

      Ha! This cracks me up because ALL Almond Joys go to Mom!

  3. Aww, how cute is he?!?! Great tips!

  4. That is the CUTEST little surgeon outfit. I too do not like the blood/gore side of Halloween. We do “happy” costumes as well. Last year my Teen was an “80’s rock star”…. and she just raided my closet to find what she wanted to wear. I am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing LOL

  5. We always stay with my kids during Halloween. They are just too little to go it alone yet.

  6. Lara says

    Your little one’s face is too cute in the op pic. 🙂 We do not go out trick or treating. we do go to local festivals though.

  7. it’s so cute to see your boys all dressed up. I’ll have to double check the flashlights for halloween now

  8. That pic of Sawyer is just adorable! These are great tips. We check our candy before eating and always travel in groups.

  9. That first photo of your little one just kills me! He is SO CUTE!

    These are great ideas. Tempted to print it out and give it to each of the kids in my daughter’s 3rd grade class!

  10. That doctor outfit was adorable. Halloween is my favorite time of year but the spookiest for parents because you have to be so careful. Whenever we would decide to go door-to-door we always made sure to have flashlights and tons of glow-n-the-dark items. Around wrists, necks and in the baskets so it would be noticed. Inside the mall, which we do trick-or-treating in recent years I always bought each one a bright balloon and tied it to them. Why? My dad always did this to show where we were at all times. Most other parents/children didn’t and my parents would spot us anywhere. Love your tips. Also check the candy before kids eat them.

  11. Yes, I stay stocked up with Energizer batteries. They are my favs!

  12. nicole says

    We always go in a group with friends with our kids, my kids also use glow bracelets and necklaces, and we always check the candy before we let the kids eat any.

  13. Great tips. Lanterns are always a great idea for trick or treat night.

  14. Arena says

    Great tips! This will be our first year trick-or-treating with our little one on the street, so I’ll keep all of these in mind!

  15. The costumes are adorable. I love using LED lights while we are trick or treating. It is definitely safer.

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