Change Your Clocks, Change Your Batteries! {Energizer Giveaway}


Sometimes it feels like it was a lifetime ago and then I go looking for something and it hits me. My house burned down and we lost everything. Everything I owned previously to 2007 sits in a tub out in the shed. It can’t come inside because it reeks of smoke and is damaged. They are photos and scrapbooks from years ago I can’t bear to part with but can’t really keep either.

Since that day I’ve become very proactive about making sure our safety is always top priority. Instead of just battery operated smoke and carbon alarms we also have some that are lined into our electrical and security system. If one faults the other should still be active and vise versa. Luckily for us our house burned when no one was home but what if we were home? What if we were sleeping?

energizer bunny clock

Daylight Savings just ended which means everyone should have just changed the batteries their detectors. Another thing most people don’t know is that most detectors only have a life span of 5-7 years. We just bought and replaced all our detectors in our home. Now I know my family has the best chance of survival in the case something should ever go wrong again.

Energizer® LED Safety Light Flashlight batteries

Another thing I do twice a year is update and go through our emergency kits, especially in the fall. I don’t want things expiring down there so I check all dates. If it has less then a year of life left it goes to the appropriate area in the house for use. This could be food, medical supplies, or batteries. Sometimes if I really need something and we’re out I’ve been known to “borrow” from the stash and forget to replenish. This is a great time to make sure you didn’t have too many forgetful moments.

Energizer® LED Safety Light Flashlight

Many of my emergency items are from Energizer. They are not just batteries. They are so much more! For instance we all have these awesome Weather Ready 4 LED Flashlights in our nightstands. They are really great because they take all different kinds of batteries so in a real emergency you can always use what you have on hand. We once lost power for a week and we had to sleep with flashlights. It just made sense to keep one there since you can never predict when an emergency happens. Now, no matter what happens you know that we will all be able to see when disaster strikes!

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  1. Joanna says

    Thank you for the reminder – very helpful post!

  2. JLin says

    last time I checked my smoke alarms it was beginning of November

  3. TawndaM says

    Never pour an accelerant on a slow-burning fire… I check my smoke detectors monthly

  4. gloria mckellar says

    A fire safety tip is don’t use multiple extension cords attached to one another. I checked my smoke alarms when the time changed.

  5. Darlene Owen says

    Our smoke alarms were just checked the other day.

  6. kim burnett says

    we check our with the time change

  7. Lori Thomas says

    Practice firedrills and have a central meeting place. Batteries were changed when time changed

  8. Kimberly Schotz says

    Most smoke detectors have a lifespan of 5-7 years. We change our smoke detector batteries with the time changes.

  9. sandra davis says

    i checked my batteries when the time changed. Make sure you know you escape route in case of a fire.

  10. Tiffany Christie says

    No towels on the stove. I don’t check mine often enough.

  11. nicole says

    we like to check the kitchen alarm about once a month- by letting unused oil smoke to see if it goes off and is working

  12. Courtney says

    Fire safety tip- Turn Christmas tree lights off when you leave the house. We recently moved into this home and have not yet checked the smoke alarms, so we need to soon!

  13. betty says

    We change/check the alarm batteries in OCT. I also make sure to clean the lint trap in the clothes dryer and periodically clean out the accumulated lint in the vent

  14. Kathy S says

    Have multiple escape routes. We changed our batteries last week.

  15. Jackie says

    We changed our batteries a few months ago. My tip: Never leave a candle burning unattended.

  16. Janet F says

    My fire tip is to have an escape plan and be sure all electrical cords are in good condition before using. I changed my smoke alarm batteries last month.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  17. Amanda Alvarado says

    Make sure to hae escape routes in case of fires. We change our batteries when they start chirping.

  18. Claire Rheinheimer says

    I’m pretty sure we have extension cords attached to each other- not good! We haven’t checked the batteries in a long time, I needed that reminder!

  19. jamie kelsey says

    STOP, DROP, and ROll—-I changed batteries and checked fire alarm when time changed a couple of weeks ago.

  20. nancy says

    this is a safety tip I just learned, more to do with batteries (vs fire)- keep them out of reach of children, since if they eat them, it can burn their esophagus…and we just checked 🙂

  21. darci says

    Good to remind everyone!

  22. Make sure that you check your smoke alarms and keep extra batteries on hand.

  23. Kelly Nicholson says

    Share a FIRE safety tip you’ve learned & tell

    worst case?..stop frop and roll..prevention is harder because you have to work at it and follow instructions

  24. Store a good working fire escape ladder near a window if you live in a multi-floor home, and know how to use it. We last changed our batteries when they died.

  25. Carrie Phelps says

    What comes to mind for me is stop, drop & roll from when I was in school. I have detectors that are hard wired with back-up batteries. The batteries will beep when they need to be changed.

  26. polly says

    I learned to always have a plan with the family to meet outside of the house in case of a fire. We changed our batteries when we changed the clocks

  27. sandra davis says

    change the batteries the same holiday every year like thanksgiving.

  28. Jennifer T. says

    We selected a “in case of fire” meeting place outside our home. We changed our smoke detector batteries when the time changed.

  29. sandra says

    find a common meeting spot outside of the house. i don’t remember when the last time i checked the smoke alarms

  30. With Christmas coming up, one thing I’ve learned it to make sure to keep the tree well watered. We check our smoke detectors twice a year when we change our clocks 🙂

  31. susan h says

    We have a fire extiguisher in our kitchen. We checked our fire alarms a few weeks ago.

  32. robyn donnelly says

    The best thing to do when there’s smoke drop to the floor away from smoke to breathe better and maybe see where you’re going. I haven’t checked alarms in a while but do have new ones about to put up. Newer.

  33. EJ (Jane) says

    We have just relocated & the lesson learned from your post, set a meeting spot. We will be doing this tomorrow morning for sure.

  34. Dawn Monroe says

    We have a fire plan in place and we changed our batteries in the spring.

  35. Cynthia R says

    fire extinguisher in the kitchen, i changed the batteries for all of them about 4 months ago.

  36. deb c says

    We checked our alarms the end of August. Practice fire drills and have a pre-assigned meeting place.

  37. A good fire safety tip is to have more that one exit planned. I’ve never checked my alarms. I just wait until the alarm goes off.

  38. Amy W says

    I learned to always unplug appliances. You can never be safe enough

  39. Erinn A says

    After my so s house fire last year… Keep pets and cell, purse near you at night in awe you have to grab and run! That night puppy slept in bed with them thank goodness.

  40. Margaret Smith says

    We just checked them & changed the batteries a couple weeks ago. I learned that you should also clean your alarms.

  41. Cynthia C says

    I learned that smoke detectors should be replaced every ten years and I need to do that.

    • Cynthia C says

      i also need to change my batteries.

  42. nannypanpan says

    I learned to stay low to the ground to avoid smoke and we did check our smoke detectors last month

  43. Sharon Kaminski says

    We inform the family of alternate escapes and the last time we checked out smoke detectors was in October.

  44. FRANK S says

    I learned that smoke detectors should be replaced every ten years and I replaced it.

  45. Annette H says

    Another great prize!

  46. Steve Stone says

    we change our batteries every 4 months. I learned to stay low when there is smoke.

  47. Dana Rodriguez says

    I learned you should change your batteries when the time changes…and we do!

  48. Carey Miller says

    Everybody should meet in a designated spot. It’s been at least two years since we changed batteries. Eek!

  49. Could use the alarm in the garage, all the rest are brand new. And do yourself a big favor and scan those damaged photos and try to save what you can. Even a few photos would be a triumph!

  50. Barbara Butler says

    I learned that smoke detectors should be replaced every ten years

  51. victoria scott says

    we dont have any amoke detectors in our home. Me n my 2 kids. I know they are important but expensive.

  52. rich morris says

    i learned that keeping the doors shut can help slow down spread of fire

  53. Sara says

    I learned that smoke detectors are only good for ten years

  54. Tamar says

    Stop drop and roll.

    I checked them a year ago when I upgraded my systems. My alarms are wired so it is different this time around.

  55. kath g says

    i checked my smoke alarms about a month ago. i’ve learned that alarms are great, but maybe not enough so i bought fire extinguishers when they were on sale and put one in every bedroom, in the kitchen and the basement.

  56. Beth Hill says

    So sorry to hear of your loss, how devastating. I learned that smoke detectors only have a 5 – 7 year life span! I know mine are older than that! We just changed batteries in all of ours and we also had one installed with our security system.

  57. Karen F says

    I checked my smoke alarms when the time changed. We have fire extinguishers in several spots in the house and have a meeting spot in the event of fire.

  58. sarah hirsch says

    if there is a fire use a towel or something else to touch doorknobs, they get really hot

  59. Monique Rizzo says

    Daylight savings time!
    Thanks for the chance.

  60. Katy P says

    I learned that you should change the batteries in your smoke detectors when the time changes- I have not checked mine in a long time. 🙁 Need to do that

  61. Kim says

    never leave witha candle burning!!! dur!
    And we checked our last month

  62. janna johnson says

    use flameless candles!! I check mine when they beep

  63. Kathy Lane says

    Always keep walkways clear in case you have to try to get out of the house.I checked my detectors when the time changed.

  64. Danielle Johnson says

    Teach the children young how to escape the house. Emergencies can happen in any room. We checked ours with the daylight hour change.

  65. wendy b says

    Never leave candles unattended and always have your escape route accessible. I change the batteries twice a year when the time changes.

  66. I learned to use flameless candles. I check my batteries about once a year.

  67. cheryl wheeler says

    I change my bateries when its thetime change. I never leave candles unattended, I usually burn andels when the weather gets cooler or I just finsihed cleaning.

  68. The very first safety tip I ever learned was in Elementary School. Firefighters came out to give a presentation and the words “STOP! DROP! and ROLL” have never left my mind!

  69. Brittney House says

    One tip is to use flameless candles. The last time we checked ours was 6 months ago.

  70. Laura F. says

    Fire safety tip: Have a plan. Everybody should know how to get out, and where to meet up. We changed batteries with the time change.

  71. Carol Mclermore says

    Have two ways out of the house and checked mine two months ago.

  72. Nancy says

    I just checked the batteries when the clocks changed at the beginning of November. My fire tip is to always know at least two ways out of the house.

  73. Julie Smith says

    I live in an upstairs apartment, and most of my life, that’s the type of apartment that I’ve lived in, so I always have fire safety ladders ready and available just in case. Thanks for the chance to win!

  74. Susan Smith says

    Fire safety tip is to have a family escape plan that the family has practiced. We changed batteries with the time change.

  75. Michael W Perkins says

    Blow the candles out when leaving a room. Check & Replace Batteries every 6 months

  76. laurie says

    you need to have a place to meet incase of a fire, I changed my batteries when the time changed

  77. Priscilla P. says

    I change the batteries twice a year when the time changes.
    P – Pull the pin.

    A – Aim low at the base of the fire.

    S – Squeeze the lever above the handle.

    S – Sweep from side to side. Move toward the fire, aiming low at its base. Sweep until all flames are extinguished. Watch for re-igniting.

    • Priscilla P. says

      The P-A-S-S technique for fire extinguisher use:

  78. Karrie Millheim says

    To have exit plans in place in case of a fire

  79. Stephanie Larison says

    Make sure you have a safety exit plan in place, and that the whole family is familiar with it.
    We changed the batteries in the alarms when the time change happened.

  80. e michelle says

    have a fire escape plan!

  81. Kim Parrott says

    Be careful with candles is my best fire safety tip. Checked my smoke detector batteries at daylight savings time.

  82. Judy Chapman says

    flameless candles are the best and its been almost a year.

  83. Richard Hicks says

    Keep electric heaters away from walls and furniture

  84. Richard Hicks says

    Last checked batteries this fall

  85. Lisa L says

    I checked my batteries when I changed clocks during daylight savings. Do not place cords and wires under rugs, over nails or in high traffic areas.

  86. Rebecca Parsons says

    Never leave a candle unattended. I had a family member loose everything because of a candle.

  87. Rebecca Parsons says

    We checked our batteries when we got a new smoke detector 2 months ago.

  88. trixx says

    Use flameless candles if you have kids. I changed the batteries during daylight savings

  89. Alex Roach says

    A couple of weeks ago!

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