Daily Dose of Sawyer from Month THREE!

As you know by now many of you just love my daily postings of Sawyer. I love the emails from all of you on just how precious you think he is. It just warms my heart. The bigger boys are such great big brothers too. Little Sawyer is so lucky to be so loved.

We have this hands IN mouth thing going on.

We’ll even take the other hand to try and help. Hysterical, right?

It’s all.the.time though.

For all those looking for his lifejacket- Don’t Fret. He had one on at all times the boat was moving or in deep waters.

We also had our first pool time with Daddy when we went on our first vacation to Lake George, NY.
(and we’re back to that whole hand eating thing again…)

And don’t you just love his sun hat?

He can’t stand time on his tummy. We’ve tried flat, this boppy playmat, the regular sized boppy, etc.

I could just watch him sleep for hours though once he wears himself out.

Oh, he melts my heart….

He LOVES going for walks. He sat just like this for even our 3 hour walk last week.
We have multiple hats…

Until next month…


  1. Jenny says

    He is so sweet! My daughter hated tummy time too.

  2. You are one proud mama I’ll tell you that as you should be. He hates belly time. hmmm I hope you made sure there’s nothing wrong.. well, of course you did. Maybe he has gas and being on his belly bothers him.

  3. He’s just TOO cute! My little girl is 2 1/2 months old and always seems to gnaw at her hands too, plus she hates tummy time! I guess they all go through the same phases 🙂

  4. He is super cute. That third picture cracks me up.

  5. Oh my goodness he is a cutie!!

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