Daily Dose of Sawyer Round Up – Month Ten

I feel like month 10 was huge for Sawyer. There were so many changes from the beginning of the month til the end. For starters we went from only 2 bottom teeth to five. All three teeth cam in on top.

Sawyer James Smile with teeth #momspotted

And that tongue of his is in every photo as it’s always hanging out of his mouth. This photo was even featured on the Zutano facebook page last month too!

Sawyer James Tongue in Zutano  #momspotted

We started introducing a lot more solids like toast, strawberries, cheese and more. He loves it!

Sawyer James eating toast 10 months  #momspotted

This month we finally started crawling too! I thought it was never going to happen and now I can’t hold him down!

Sawyer James learns to crawl baby  #momspotted

This is my latest favorite picture of the two of us!

Mommy & Sawyer  #momspotted

I wanted to prove he’s not always smiling lol

Sawyer james gets mad and yells  #momspotted

How we shop when he’s in his carseat.

Sawyer James singing store jjcole carseat infant cover  #momspotted

We still take multiple naps each day 🙂 We go to bed around 8:30-9pm

Sleeping Sawyer 2.3 #momspotted

We sleep ALL night long and wake up happy every morning ready to start the day!

Sawyer James wakes up a happy baby  #momspotted in crib

We love to stand, another new trick of ours! He can actually walk all around now as long as he has something to hang/hold onto. He is also moving from holding one item to the next to go from place to place.

Play peekaboo baby Sawyer James  #momspotted

Until next month….
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  1. He is SO adorable.

  2. I love every picture. That last picture cracked me up though. He looks like he’s A) Flirting with the camera. or B) Playing Peek a Boo.

  3. A definite I FOUND YOU picture hahaha He is into exploring the world ! Now the fun begins!

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