Daily Dose of Sawyer Round Up – Month Nine

My baby is getting so big. He is learning things so quickly now and has such great positive personality and just reflects back in all his photos! He is really sitting well at this point and when you can get him to pay attention and sit still (which is incredibly challenging at times) he’ll give you such a great photo.


He even let me catch his two bottom teeth he finally got in month nine.


He loved all the pretty lights celebrating our Christmas holiday.


He loves that he gets to sit up top in the cart now.  sawyer in balboa cart cover 9 months #momspotted

 I did mention he is a happy baby, didn’t I?


He like watching basketball with Daddy and wouldn’t ya know they share a love for the Celtics.


He met Santa and like his brothers wasn’t phased by him.


My happy little ham.


He got many great presents. He loved eating the paper more then anything.


We found out that Sawyer LOVES hockey. We went to his 1st Springfield Falcons’ game and he was just focused on the game the entire time.

Sawyers 1st Springfield Falcons Hockey Game #momspotted

I found Sawyer one morning sitting up playing in his room. I was so excited he sat on him own that even he started clapping!

Sawyer 1st time sitting up in crib #momspotted

Isn’t he sweet? Check out his lashes.

Sweet sleeping Sawyer long lashes baby #momspotted


cute adorable baby sawyer #momspotted sticking out tongue in tie shirt

Cool dudes.

johnny sawyer in sunglasses baby aviator shades #momspotted

I seriously cannot believe how big my baby boy is getting.

skater baby boy sawyer #momspotted

Isn’t he absolutely precious? My beautiful baby.

sweet beautiful baby boy eyes sawyer #momspotted

Until next month….
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  1. Love that cutie pie! Your pictures brighten my day on Facebook.

  2. Eileen says

    I see your posts on Facebook too, but I think this is so darling when you do a “slide show” like this of Sawyer. I can’t even pick a favorite out! I was just admiring his cute little teeth and WHAM you talk about his love for hockey. Now DONT EVEN get any ideas Sawyer, no hockey sticks for you…those teeth are just too cute;)

  3. He’s so cute! I love that one of him sitting there.

  4. You could just swim in those eyes!!! He’s such a cutie pie! That first pic looks like he just wants to strike up a deep conversation with you! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. HUGS……………….. TO THE BABY!!!! NOT YOU SILLY!!!! ~snicker~

  5. What a cutie!

  6. gina says

    He is truly beautiful! I have a 2 year old son & he has big gorgeous eyes too!

  7. Tell that boy to slow down on growing up! HE is adorable!

  8. He’s getting so big! And he just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

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