I’ve got a sucker!

Three kids in I’ve experienced a lot of things. One thing I haven’t had so far is a thumb sucker.

Last week I caught Sayer in his swing doing this:

and then yesterday I caught him doing this:

Once he woke it it became this:

How precious is he?


  1. So cute, my kids all sucked their thumb as a baby, but grew out of it when they started walking.

  2. Jenny says


  3. Addison Kat says

    He’s adorable! My daughter was/is a thumb sucker and she’s 4!! It was nice when she was little and we didn’t have to worry about a binky but now that she’s older, we’re having issues getting her to stop…

  4. Oh goodness, how cute is he!?
    I absolutely love that video xD

  5. This is exactly what my 3 month old grandson is doing. We’ve offered him a pacifier, but he only chews on it. I haven’t taken any close up photos of him with his thumb in his mouth, but seeing how adorable these shots are I’m going to. Thanks for sharing your adorable little guy with us.

  6. Sara says

    So cute:) ,

  7. Eileen says

    How precious it that? VERY!!! I had a couple of thumb suckers and they were the BEST kids! Instant soothing at their own hands so to speak!

  8. amy v says

    That’s SO cute! my little guy is 16 mo old and when he was Sawyer’s age he also was a sucker- I loved how he’d ‘find’ a finger to suck on! i love the video too!

  9. courtney b says

    aww so sweet. I really love seeing his daily pics on facebook. He is such a doll. And u are a great photographer so the combo makes me smile each day!

  10. Sarah says

    So adorable! I’m due with our first (a boy!) in July and I wonder if he will suck his thumb? I never did and wouldn’t take a pacifier – so we’ll see 🙂

  11. Christine says

    That is so cute! None of mine sucked their thumbs but it would have been nice if they did.

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