How to Deal With A Crying Baby…

Have you dealt with a crying baby before? I’m sure you have as all babies cry but have you dealt with a baby that cries all.the.time? Until recently I would have had to say no. However, over the past couple of weeks Sawyer has gone from just sad at times…

To screaming his pretty little head off.

At first it was something I was able to handle. Now, it’s starting to wear me down. It’s nonstop. The only release is when he’s being held and now he’s even starting to cry then. He’s even cried while nursing. I don’t know what to do anymore. We talked to the Dr’s. and they don’t think it’s anything I’m eating. He’s taking his reflux meds and we’ve started gas meds too. We do leg presses and everything but nothing seems to comfort my poor little guy.

Have you had a baby that constantly cries?
How did you deal?
What made it better?


  1. jodi says

    Just hoping baby #2 with be as soothable andeasy going as Hayden. I am so sorry that the lil guy is crying so much!

  2. Debbie says

    My first two children cried ALL the time. I was lucky to get in 20 minutes of sleep about five times in a 24 hour period and that was with baby on my chest. Talk about exhausted. Uugghhh

    With my next two children I was wiser and stopped listening to the doctor who said everything was fine. Long story but a pediatrician who also doubled as an allergist got us on the right track. Whew

    Anyway, do you know what the ‘high need baby hold’ is? That may help you as well.

    Besides my four children I also did daycare for many years. I LOVE babies still. I can try and give you some tips in email if you are interested at all. I wish you well with your precious little boy!


  3. Amanda says

    Have you done the five S’s?

    but at this age the babies are going through a new “leap” and the crying fussiness s common.

  4. My babies were really fussy from dinner time to bedtime. I felt like a warm bath helped, breastfeeding helped, tummy rubs helped (sometimes they had gas) and sometimes the vibrating chair helped.

  5. My first daughter was easy, but my second screamed literally every second she was awake for the entire first month of her life. I thought we were going to lose our minds. We thought she was just a fussy baby and we were just lucky with our first child. Then, one day at the pediatrician’s office, I was once again lamenting how much she cried, and I was trying to feed her her bottle. He stood back and watched, and noticed some things I hadn’t. It turns out she has acid reflux. She would reflux it up, but not spit it out, instead she was swallowing it again and he called it “yo yo” reflux. Worse than regular because it hurts coming up and going down. Next time you go in to the pediatrician, ask them about it. There are things they might notice, like this kind of “urp” noise like swallowing all the time; arching the back when crying (this is a big one), and other things I guess he noticed. We ended up with medicine and a new formula and it has worked wonders. We are no longer pulling our hair out. Good luck, it’s rough when they cry like that. You can’t help them and it’s horrible to feel that way.

  6. Sarah @ Minnesota mamas must haves says

    Oh I’m sorry hun! That was aiden for 6 long months. He was on reflux meds, I changed my diet and nothing helped. He finally outgrew it at six months and now he is the sweetest little boy. My doctor just kept telling me that the colicky babies make the sweetest toddlers. It’s true so hang onto that 🙂

  7. I had a friend that had a baby with acid reflux and what helped partially was they never laid him down flat. He actually slept for a long time in his baby carrier (strapped in for safety) but laying flat made his reflux worse. You need a support group for sure. Best wishes.

  8. Jenny says

    Yes, Abby was very cranky. Most of it was from her reflux, which was very bad. Like another commenter said, do the 5 S’s. Those really help, especially swaddling.

  9. Linda Kish says

    My high needs son who developed colic at 3 weeks (28 yrs ago tried my patience. I don’t know what they do these days other than swaddling. The position that worked form my son was face down on my forearm, face in my palm. With his head lowered slightly. I would then bounce him up and down slightly. Somehow that worked every time. I walked around with him on my forearm a lot in those days. The pressure on his belly is what helped, I think. Good luck.

  10. Eileen says

    Jen, I had one of my 6 with true colic and it lasted til exactly 6 weeks. Then shut off like a switch one day out of the blue. I had no idea what was up, as my older two didn’t have any issues like this at all. I had to put my daughter in a swing by the bed at night in order to get a couple of hours of sleep. It was exhausting and the worst part was the emotional mess it made me thinking she really just didnt like me which of course was not true (well, not at least til her teen years. LOL:), and I wondered if I was doing something wrong, eating something she was sensitive to in breastmilk, etc. We got through it all and you will too.

    Now after my youngest is 12, we have a baby in the house again PLUS we watch my preemie grandson too. He also has reflux and both babies can have crying jabs too. Today was a nightmare and there were NO answers. When you think how immature a baby’s organs and systems such as nervous and digestive systems are, and maybe just their fears of the world, adjustment to something as small as tempurature…it is a miracle we can help them through the first few weeks or even months. We all love to think our mommy love would be enough, but there are some things that can’t be answered even by docs (seriously, I think mother’s intuition and mother’s LOVE is worth more input than most docs can guess…unless of course a blatant medical problem). You are doing everything right Jen, as you share so much with us and we can SEE that. I hope things get better soon. Just don’t make it about YOU and put yourself down. A person can only do so much. Make sure you get some breaks too…post partum stuff can set in still with sleep loss and worry. You’re like a mom CHAMP so just take one day at a time, and sometimes one HOUR at a time. Take care!

  11. We had the same issue over here when our 3rd baby was born. He had reflux issues, but I also determined that he has a milk protein sensitivity issue. I was/am a breastfeeding mom. Once I cut all dairy in my diet (cheese, whey, casin (sp?), and milk) he was much, much better. Eggs and butter were fine. Not Country crock. Country crock is made with whey. Dairy is in so many things so check the packaging. I changed the bread I was eating to one that didn’t have and it helped. Dairy stays in your system about 5-10 days so give it some time to get it out of your system. I also started using coconut milk in my cereal and as a substitute for any time I would use milk. Now that our 3rd is ready for regular milk he drinks goat’s milk. We tried giving him cow’s milk and it made him upset and gassy. We went back to goat’s milk and he is a happy baby once again. I hope this helps! Good luck, you’re doing great!

  12. amy v says

    ooh i feel so sorry that you deal with that- your precious miracle yes, but even that can be trying. my now 15 mo old wasn’t a ‘constant’ cry-er but he had a fussy period in the evening that lasted anywhere frrom 20 minutes to a couple hrs!! we too tried gas meds and talked about acid reflux. do you know what i think it was? i think his tummy just wasn;t adjusted to ‘food (my milk) yet. eventually he grew out of it but trust me, i know how weary we can get. he would get fussy while nursing too.
    Just know you are NOT alone and we mommies out here understand whatyou’re going through. thx for sharing your life with us.

  13. Rose says

    We are really nervous about number 2. Our son was the easiest baby anyone had seen. Didn’t care who held him was mostly happy. We think we are in for it this time. Please keep posting more about cryers.

  14. Livivua Chandler says

    I had a super fine baby for my first little girl. I am expecting number 2. Never had this problem. But i feel sad seeing his poor little face. Hope you find relief or something soon.

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